Bush Given Invasion Plan Two Days Before 9/11.. बुश ने 9 /11 के दो दिन पहले अफगानिस्तान पर हमले के आदेश दिए थे…??

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FLASH 34: Bush Given Invasion Plan Two Days Before 9/11 (Updated 4/3/03; see end)

In the context of misleading statements from White House spokesman Ari Fleischer and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice about the degree of US foreknowledge of the 9/11 events, MSNBC.com/news has revealed that detailed plans for the US retaliation against al-Qaeda and the Taliban reached the White House for Bush’s signature on September 9, two days before the attacks.

In the words of MSNBC

`President Bush was expected to sign detailed plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance before the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC News.

`The document, a formal National Security Presidential Directive, amounted to a “game plan to remove al-Qaida from the face of the Earth,” one of the sources told NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski.

`The plan dealt with all aspects of a war against al-Qaida, ranging from diplomatic initiatives to military operations in Afghanistan, the sources said on condition of anonymity.’ In many respects, the directive, as described to NBC News, outlined essentially the same war plan that the White House, the CIA and the Pentagon put into action after the Sept. 11 attacks. The administration most likely was able to respond so quickly to the attacks because it simply had to pull the plans “off the shelf,” Miklaszewski said.’


Update: 4/3/03:

This story is partially corroborated by Bob Woodward’s Bush at War, pp. 35-36. He confirms that National Security Presidential Directive #9, after being vetted by NSC Advisor Condoleezza Rice in the White House, was “ready to go to the president on September 10.” This was a plan to “eliminate” al Qaeda by going “on the offensive” against the Taliban. On September 4 the deputy secretaries of defense and state “approved and recommended a plan [to this effect] that would give the CIA $125 million to $200 million a year to arm the [Northern] Alliance.”

Woodward is silent about MSNBC’s claim that the National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) ranged upwards to include “military operations in Afghanistan.” Indeed, on page 32 he writes that “the [US] military had no plan” for Afghanistan at all. But this latter claim is incredible: the Pentagon has plans “on the shelf” for invading any country in the world, including (it has been said) Canada.

  1. Anurag Bakshi says:

    What the hell is this headline ?
    “2 दिन पहले दिया …. आदेश”
    What is its means.
    US Army can not sit and wait after a direct order to move, is it ok.
    n whatever these courtesies are may be as it is showing its somthing from Planning Dept.

  2. September 11, 2011Remembering 9/11
    Dear Prof. Chomsky,

    Today is the tenth anniversary of September 11th. I remember being woken by a call from my mother. In a panic she screamed, “We have been attacked!” We watched the second plane crash together. It was horrendous. We didn’t know anyone who died that day, being a native Texan, New York seems so far away, but it devastated my mother and I. My entire city was in ‘shock and disbelief’, companies in downtown Houston released employees from work and evacuated office buildings, I didn’t go to school that day. When I did return to class, I asked my teacher how she was doing, she started crying.

    It was days before I heard any laughter. I spent most of that time watching continuous news coverage, flipping the channel when the on-air personality began to irritate me. I was glad when SNL returned for their first show after the national tragedy. The country needed to hear a joke.

    We also needed answers.
    See full post at http://www.conversationwithnoam.com

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