BAN BIG-BOSS!! Before it ruins our culture.

Posted: November 21, 2011 in Children and Child Rights, Education, Geopolitics, Politics, Uncategorized, Youths and Nation

A fight scene from Big Boss 5, As it is, Big Boss if rated on Decency and Sensibility scale of 0 to 10, it gets a Big Big ZERO.. what will be its rating with Sunny in one can guess…. Ban Big Boss.. is best way out..

“Complete assimilation is possible only with the sacrifice of Indian Cultures via Darwinist capitalism.” 
-Mario Vargas, 1990, Christian Right wing Presidential candidate and novelist in Peru.

“Cultural encroachment (Spiritual Terrorim) and Economic Terrorism are the biggest enemies of the nation, rest social evils are it’s brainchildren.” Anonymous

The electronic media Television and small screen, entry couple of decades back with the liberalization was seen as a big entertainment, knowledge, sports and news at door step opertunity to keep track on events in the world by run.

India has come a long way in doing service broadly in right areas, but in recent times, shows like Sach Ka Samna and the very popular late night reality show Big Boss 5, we Indians should have guessed what in store to shock and put our heads down with shame and disgrace.

It is shame for us all that last weak it was Swamy Agnivesh who brought some decency though, the move of Swamy Ji I may not agree was right for him,yet he induced values and kept the house decent. The lessons of Swamy ji are thrown out out, the producers did not take long to raise the bar of ind-ency high by a plan to induct Sunny.

This is no less than glorification of evil and illicit acts by an Indian show on Indian soil served to Indian eyes and minds it sounds sick and disgusting, does it not ?

Last year Big Boss season 4, had Bay Watch Bikini Star, Pamela Anderson, her presence was a clear indication of how low this show can be in coming years. It did not take long this year a shocking news is a Indian Canadain P n star Sunny Leone will be in the House of Big Boss.

If this dare the show can go and freeze all sensible thinking minds in Indian, who if they care for their decent culture and right brought of children and youth will raise their voice to Ban Big Boss with immediate effect.

And, demand from the Government and the Censor Board not to air Big Boss, before new guidelines and framed and approved by the Censor Board honoring the right of decency in public life, and protecting what ever is left out from our cultural ethos and values.

It is expected in the Big Boss, Indo-Canadian based Sunny Leone who was named among world’s top 12 p–n star by a fashion magazine Maxim in 2010. It is said she would enter in the Big Boss house on Saturday and she would land today on 17 November 2011 in Mumbai from American. India as usual is falling prey to the western filth which can damage the Indian family fabric and could increase the crime and atrocities agaisnt women, as it is India is the 4th most dangerous country to live for women.

There are also some stories that international pop star Shakira or Boxer Mike Tyson might join the Big Boss 5. But now the news of Sunny Leone might be put them all at rest.

This so called Fitna or Evil Entry in Big Boss, whose real name is Karen Malhotra was born in an Indian Sikh couple and her father was born in Tibet and raised in Delhi while her mother born in Himachal Pradesh. She has been appeared in lots of reality shows in America.

My Appeal to the Govt of India, Indian media and the Civil Societies is to force Ban on Big Boss till decency guidelines are freshly framed.

What is that they wish to prove, my Question is to Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt father of two sons and son of a Gandhian Sunil Dutt and mother Nargis Dutt. Leave Indian for us clean and decent don’t kill it in the name of following the steps of west, they are a spoiled lost society for God sake find our Laxman Rekha ie our limits before it is too late.

As it is the show has crossed levels of decency, in this season and in the past too, but this is screen tearing shocking reveal, jus the news of this lady Sunny joining Big Boss 5 home has rubbed nerves, and the damage has begun, and parents are worried on one hand and for the weaker minds they see as a extension of thier fantasy world. Keep it simple Ban Big Boss before it Bans Decency in our public life.

S A V E I N D I A N S E N S I B I L I T Y ” B A N B I G B O S S ”


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  1. It is not possible बेहद ही बढिया समझाते हुए लिखा है।

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