Mumbai Blasts a sequel to Spanish Mumbai Train Bomb blasts in 04/06 Review of Security issues in Indian Sub continent

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Globalized Terror in Liberalized world
Need for new orientation in National Security

Shri  Kidambi MBA Marketing, Management Accounting, MBA Finance and International Finance
Research Associate, GPSSI (Geo Political Strategic Studies Institute), Hyderabad
Krishna Vayuvegula MBA (Finance and Accounting) Executive Management (International Finance) Wharton College USA
Hyderabad based Research Associate, GPSSI (Geopolitical Strategic Studies Institute) Hyderabad.
Shocked Indians were jolted out of their slumber by cruel attacks in Mumbai a couple of weeks ago. Within hours, after routine requests for calm by various political parties, usual finger pointing towards known established causes emerged.  This time with proof of criminals readily available as if these terrorists who decided to die, always by rule leave their credit card numbers, passport title pages and drivers’ licenses or route maps or GPS for probing investigative agencies. Along with the evidences flowed a huge international support condemning the heinous acts of senseless terrorism. As a special bonus offer a Pakistani born British citizen went in to Pakistan investigated dozen Faridkots and came back with confirmation of the origin of one of the captured terrorists. This he did out of compassion towards Indian intelligence agencies and the all mighty ISI let this happen right under the nose of them. This last piece looks like text book first lesson on counter intelligence debriefing of high value defectors.
But the question is why Mumbai now? Who are targets in Mumbai ? Why Taj ? What message is being sent by these terrorists or their handlers ? Who are their handlers? What foreign policy shifts in the recent times have irked the terrorist handlers? Is there a geo-political angle for the blasts? If so where the responsibility stop? Were there any precedents for these blasts? If so where they occurred and what purpose they achieved? Unless these questions are addressed we will have the same things repeated frequently with least regard for human life.
In the modern era of privatization and MNC controlled liberalization where the battle for the third world resources is like full scale proxy war, a new dimension of terrorism is arising. There are various terrorist groups that are funded by the states which we designate as states that sponsor terrorism and then there are nations either democracies or transiting in to democracies that sponsor those states that sponsor terrorism. These nations and states use various terrorist groups for various economic and political agendas in the international arena. “Trade is the nerve center of economy and economy is the nerve center of nation state. War is essential and inevitable for enforcing trade”, said Louie XIV, King of France. The above French King statement propelled various East India Companies that were backed by the then European geo-political economic powers which led to various colonial proxy wars over a century for domination of Asian African resources both human and natural.  It is that now the reborn East India Companies (EIC) as Multinational Corporations (MNC) backed by the same various EU governments and their intelligence agencies, still needing the third world resources as badly as they did couple of centuries ago, form a new dimension of threat to the third world nation states and democracies. We have to analyze the current Mumbai bombings from this perspective, and our intelligence agencies need to incorporate this new angle if they really want to retain their edge in credibility of defending the nation and their motto to serve and protect people.
The initial finger pointing at the culprits only lead to a dead end at the known sources, Bangladeshi SIM cards, brought in W. Bengal, inserted in to Black berry phones whose gate ways are beyond India, frantic phone calls to Lahore to known terrorist outfits front offices. The main handlers and planners of such operations usually escape unless there is a new orientation towards the entire issue of investigations public safety in geo-political era. Till the planners of such operations and their mottos are exposed to the full view of the public and investigative agencies any assurances or measures of modified safety in this high tech age becomes as illusory as a mirage.
Fewer security experts within India might be aware and still less number of politicians may have any idea of a similar incidents of various magnitudes and similar modus operand occurred all over the world. Just to give an example two years before Mumbai train blasts there occurred one in one of the leading western capitals.  As our leaders’ knowledge -both political and bureaucratic- does not want to go beyond English speaking countries, the closest that any one in the media came to that of London bombings a year before in which it has now been proved that the London Police over reacted and killed an innocent and to cover up their inefficiency weaved the story of a terrorist plot. We are happy to equate what happened in India to that of 911, the after math left a trail of destruction that raked  in many countries by acts of senseless war and follow up terror which was admitted by President Bush as a mistake and by Condoleezza Rice as a massive intelligence failure. The original 911 is now exposed as an incident, which may not bear any Islamic terrorist origin. The examination of this case along with the current blasts in Mumbai in investigating the reasons will help us in forming a strategy to orient our security agencies in a new direction.
For this we have to start examine the first attack on Mumbai the train blasts. Exactly two years before Mumbai train blasts, on Thursday 11 March 2004, during the morning rush hour between 6.30 AM to 7 AM   8 – 10 blasts occurred in Madrid, Spain in which exactly 200 people were killed and close to 800 – 1000 injured.  Though the western English media pointed the blame at the al Qaeda terrorists or Basque separatists (First it was claimed the perpetrators were members of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna [ETA] which means (Basque Homeland and Freedom) it took less than few hours for the Spanish police and European intelligence outfits to detect that the bombing was in fact a false flag operation in the ongoing geo-political tussle between old Europe and Anglican countries to disrupt Spanish tourism at regional level and at a larger political level a warning to the newly elected socialist government not to pull out from Iraqi coalition which was an election promise by the socialist party, to remind them that ‘Islamic terrorism’ still was a  threat.
Let us examine the Spanish bombing closely.
 Figure 1. Pictures of Spanish Train wreckage.
We first need to examine the motive in the case of the Spanish tragedy where there is no cross border terrorism as we have in India. Most people continue to ask the same-old question “Why?” And why in Spain?
Hours after the Spanish train bombing incident even before the investigative agencies ever started piecing the evidences together, every media outlet taking its lead from the omnipotent New York Times reported that between eight and ten explosive devices had been detonated on board the Spanish trains during the rush hour, but surprisingly not one of them mentioned suicide bombers.  This is an impossible omission, because we all know that every car, or bus or plane or train blown up anywhere by ‘Muslim Terrorists’, is invariably attacked by ‘suicide bombers’. How do we know this? Because the New York Times or London Observer always tells us so.  No matter whether it is a truck in Baghdad, a bus in Tel Aviv, a car in Moscow or a train in Chechnya, the western media villain of the piece is always the ubiquitous Muslim suicide bomber.  As this is absent in this case in Spanish bombing the blame secondly was thrown on ETA. The ever careful Spanish police ruled out both for the following reasons of their own.
In order to explore the motive behind Madrid, we need to move back briefly in time to mid-2002, when the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard was finding it difficult to convince Australian citizens to go ‘All The Way With the USA’ in the latter’s crusade against Islamic fundamentalism, the so called  ‘War on Terror’. Very few Americans might be aware that, two years ago more than 90% of the Australians were opposed to join the coalition forces in their fight against Iraq. A majority of the  Aussies pointed out correctly, that although thousands died every year in road traffic accidents and domestic muggings, no one had ever been killed in Australia by a terrorist.
Certainly these ‘ordinary’ citizens who said ‘no’ to war needed to understand a lesson that the ‘Muslim terrorists’ were real and all pervasive. By early October 2002, coincidentally, a lesson was ready to learn, and when a sophisticated multi-pronged terrorist operation was launched against the Australian tourists in the popular holiday Island of Bali. More than 200 died and over 1,000 were seriously injured. Do these precise numbers begin to ring any alarm bells somewhere else about the Madrid operation? Or the number of casualties in Mumbai train blasts ? Or the number of people died in the recent terror attack in Mumbai ?  Always it is close to 200 dead and close to 1000 injured ? Coincidences are very strange and indeed mathematically precise.
Over the next eighteen months in Spain things got even worse than they had been in Australia. Where 90% of the Australians had opposed military intervention in the Middle East the figure in Spain rose to 96%. Finally the popular current socialist government promptly pulled out from Iraq.
One of the prevailing illusions about the Madrid operation, is to try to convince the public that a large crowd of nimble terrorists just hopped on board all the four trains as they were ‘passing through’ Alcala de Henares railway station on the down platform towards Atocha.
If one thinks about this carefully one would hear that each of the ten blasts would have required between 40 and 50 pounds of high-order military explosive in the C4/Semtex-H category. Such explosives have a very low specific gravity, meaning they are exceptionally bulky for their given weight. Therefore, this would have required ten [strong] terrorists on the down platform at the same time, each lugging a huge haversack in the middle of the rush hour. Strange then that no eyewitness at Alcala de Henares remembers seeing any of them, for these bulky gentlemen would most certainly have stood out in the crowd, and caused considerable suspicion among the commuters. Nor did any of the security cameras placed in multiple entry points record any of such unusual movements. So the questions are
Where were the bombs placed in the four different trains? How did they do it, and how could they be sure each train would be in the right place when they pressed the remote detonation triggers? For an answer  one has to take a look at the railway map below, which shows the procedure to be relatively simple. Provided of course that you have unrestricted access to the trains themselves, and unrestricted access to the secure Spanish Rail system computers.
Now we can take another look at the pictures above. Obviously by now one can find the first clue, i.e. that there was no fire at any of the ten blast sites, proving in turn that high-order military explosives were used in considerable quantities. Smuggling anything up to 500 pounds of very low specific gravity C4 into Spain would be extremely difficult nowadays, unless of course one already owned or controlled discrete facilities not normally inspected by Spanish Customs or the Police.
More pictures from the scene, with that on the left providing more visual evidence that the charges were placed below the floors of the railway carriages. 
The second clue is related to the pattern of the blast. If we look very carefully, we can note that some of the fragments buried in the shredded roof panels, are in fact shrapnel from the floor of the carriage itself. Without going into too much technical detail it is impossible for bits of the floor to become embedded in the roof, unless the charges were fixed below the floor before detonation. This is borne out by the fact that the train disabled outside Atocha station had its back completely broken in two different places. Once again haversack charges casually placed on top of the internal floor would be completely incapable of shattering the strong steel longitudinal support girders running the entire length of the chassis of each carriage. As it is impossible to attach sophisticated explosive charges on the underside of moving trains, obviously they were placed on the rolling stock under cover of darkness, while the trains were stationary during the night. Every one of the four trains were ‘first service’, i.e. each was making its first run of the day from its respective overnight depot, after being serviced and cleaned.
Nor does it stop there. Just picking any old train to bomb-up would be hopelessly inadequate, because there would be no guarantee that the random bombed-up train would even be put into service in the morning, much less be in exactly the correct position at the right time.  To do this the bombers needed access to rolling stock allocation for the following morning, which means they had direct access to the secure Spanish Rail computer system.  We are not talking homespun Basques or ‘al Qaeda’ desert Muslims here. This was a highly professional operation, organized on sovereign Spanish territory by some one who knew the lay of the land and in all probability had lived in Madrid most or even all of their lives. These organizers facilitated entry for the professional Special Forces team selected for the job, and here we come down to a choice of only few states. Though we are aware there are dozens of outfits’ security experts out there who believe that American, British, French and other western Special Forces delight in killing innocent civilians, this is simply not the case.  In a perceived ‘war zone’ like Iraq it is certainly true that all soldiers kill civilians from time to time, either by accident or out of fear for their own lives, but targeting hundreds of unarmed civilians on their way to work in an essentially neutral country, requires a cold-blooded mentality quite beyond the reach of organizations such as Delta Force or the Special Air Service, to name but two examples.
The Spanish police discovered and discarded the usual rhetoric of blaming the ETA or renegade elements of Al Qaeda because of the sophistication involved in the incident and because of the actual nature of the explosives used by the ETA are known. They came up with their own counter punch when the Spanish declared that they had killed those  all who participated in the Spanish bombing.
ETA car bombs in Spain circa 2001. It is necessary to note that in all  low-order explosives [combined with incendiaries] always used by these homespun Basque terrorists, an inevitable side effect of weapon detonations was fire. In direct contrast, the high-order explosives used in the Madrid attack, did not generate enough flame to light even a single cigarette at any of the ten individual sites where the weapons were detonated.
Coming to Mumbai the same sophistication was clearly visible except that the trains in Bombay blasts are not the first service trains. If we look at the media pictures below it is clear that no fire and smoke is visible.
Deccan Chronicle Picture of the blast of the train compartments 11 Jul 06.
Though definitely the Pakistani based intelligence outfits or militant outfits controlled by various geo-political players may have the capability or can be made to acquire the capability to conduct and carry such ghastly acts of terror it is now the need for the Indian intelligence agencies to look beyond as now we are increasingly becoming a fertile ground for a proxy turf war of yester year super powers and aspiring super powers.  As in the case of Spanish bombings even in India too the first false leads always point towards those militant outfits which usually come handy to blame because of their past track record.
As in the case of Spanish bombings first the explosives must be smuggled into the country and then they needed to get access to the Mumbai rail system. They must also know precisely the timing of the trains and their running on the lines. Then they needed to have time to place the explosives on the train either in the under belly of the chassis or on the floor of the compartments. This means they needed to have access to the secure Mumbai rail system. And then the chargers had to be precise. Timing should be perfect. All these facts point at the similarities in the Spanish bombing incident.  One thing conspicuously absent in the event was the role of suicide bombers which is the hall mark of LeT or JEM attacks. Be it Raghunath Temple, Akshardham, Grenade attacks in Kashmir, Nagpur attack or gate crashing in Ayodhya all are carried on by suicide bombers. But the Bangalore attack on scientists, explosion in Sriharikota and Mumbai blasts (now and before) are not suicide attacks. Why only in these cases the latest technology has been used though they possessed this material for a long time ? Why only in a few compartments of multiple trains and why not in the same train and multiple compartments ? If  these explosives can be smuggled and fitted in trains then why in the previous cases they were not fitted but the cadre was sacrificed ? No doubt we need to resolve the current Mumbai case but in doing so we have to steer clear of emotion and rhetoric as the security concerns in global terror era and liberalized world are totally different. Reviews recently are pointing blame on intelligence failures in penetration of these groups and information collected only from the captured operatives as one of the causes of repeated attacks. But by creating  proactive security policies with out political considerations with the only intention of protecting and serving the public will change and create a powerful sense of security. Let Mumbai be the starting point of such a beginning.
Coming back to the current Mumbai attacks on Taj Oberoi and Nariman house the targets in these three establishments are clearly High Value Individuals and who is who in the western intelligence agencies.
May be it is time to look with a new understanding at our own security concerns. May be a visit to the Spanish capital by the security agencies will give a new orientation towards understanding the nature, the motive of crime in the global era of liberalization.  Though at the time of writing this article there were definite indications that with the aid of SIMI these attacks (Train blasts and 29/11 attacks) are carried out, while the LeT supplied the explosives who or which segment of geo-political players handled LeT was uncertain? The age old Latin saying Qui Bono-who benefited-from the act and the economic trail are the ones that need to be followed. In case of global terrorism interspersed with state sponsored terrorism or democratic nations supporting states sponsoring terrorism for geo-political gains the question that should be asked must be not who benefited, but who benefited the most ? Rather than looking at the  immediate theoretical emotional benefits for few terrorist out fits it will be helpful to take in to consideration the long range economic benefits and policy shifts desired by the handlers of these groups and nations however will provide insight in to the nature of global terrorism.
At a larger geo-political level, are Mumbai bombings like Spanish bombings a warning to the ruling coalition to change the course of either the foreign policy or the domestic policy.  The previous NDA government took a 180 degree turn in ditching the non aligned policy and openly moving into the US Britain Israeli camp, which, now some experts blame for the security leaks at highest levels in Navy or failures in missile and GSLV tests. Since coming to power the UPA government appeared  moving slowly towards non aligned doctrine and has been vocal in open support towards the Palestinian issue. Domestically UPA is moving towards more secular policies including a patch up with the belligerent western neighbors. The timing of Mumbai train blasts coincide with the massive Palestinian and Lebanese conflict to ward of the support of current Indian government by reinforcing that there is an ‘Islamic real threat’ ? Is this shift not liked by those who want a conflict in the sub continent to continue sales of arms?  A recent article by Sridhar Kumaraswamy in about naval room leak clearly identifies one of the  possible beneficiaries of this as the MNCs that make high tech gadgets who will tailor their equipment to suit the information they have. After all, arms sale is billions worth today and they are essential component of the economies.
The other fallout of Mumbai train blasts was, as pointed out by some retired senior police officials from Mumbai police, the penetration of Israeli intelligence security apparatus to protect Hindu organizations. Many wondered how these organizations got approval from either Maharashtra government or central government to get such permissions. For many years British and Israeli intelligence agencies are trying to penetrate Indian establishments. They never left any stone unturned to achieve this. The first hand intelligence is needed to make decisions on economic policies and gain benefit for their native corporations. India also set up its massive counter intelligence wing to deal with such penetration. Of late it became easier for Israeli and British intelligence to penetrate Hindu organizations thus to have access to glean in to the other departments of Indian government, because shared ideology of Islamic terrorism by Israqelis West and Hindu organizations.
Is this infiltration angle and the nexus between Hindu organizations and Israeli intelligence thus US intelligence that was uncovered by the slain ATS chief. Being a ex RAW operative he probably zeroed in and decided to ward of such threats to national security by zeroing on the treasure trove of information which must be  too dangerous.  Is this the reason why he was targeted under a seemingly mis leading terrorist plot?  After all British US and Israeli intelligence did train taliban fighters, al Qaeda fighters during the anti soviet conflict. This with the close cooperation of ISI would have definitely resulted in the targeted hit of ATS chief.. Thus these intelligence agencies do know exactly who is who in LeT or JeM waging a deadly war against India. The modus operandi of these intelligence agencies in any country especially in eliminating high value non friendly targets must be an eye opener as that involves paying local criminal gangs for the hit thus avoiding the detection beyond local criminal gangs. Is in this case probably the same technique is utilized in the current crisis by utilizing a Pakistani based terrorist group and prophetically providing all proofs to pointing ( a classical false flag) the culprits.
This leaves one important question and raises the doubts about the whole operation of Mumbai November attack. One is a definite hit which involved killing ATS chief with encounter specialist and DCP of Maharashtra police along with other constables. A diversion is set up in CST station ATS chief is lured in and in cold blood he is fired on from point blank range on a moving vehicle and killed. The subsequent capture of the Ajmal and his confession that 10 people came and 5 at large is all corroborated prophetically by evidence left. Including the London’s journalist Saeed Shah reporting that Ajmal is in fact from Faridkot along with 9 others is true and all are part of the package to eliminate ATS chief. Qui bono ? Who benefits from this ? Definitely Dawood who was hard hit. Definitely ISI and others as they eliminated key counter terror expert. Definitely Israeli intelligence and British intelligence as they covered their tracks of infiltration among Hindu organizations. He is working against all the above mentioned groups’ interests, especially the last one who desperately want to remain invisible and fear the dreaded RAW in Indian sub continent that their cover will be blown.
Now the question remains who hit the Taj? If what captive terrorist is saying is true that there are 10 who came 4 killed 1 captured alive and 5 escaped then who are the 5 or 10 in Taj, Oberoi, Nariman house. Or is it that there are only 10 and none escaped and the escaped them selves did the Taj operation. Or is the omnipotent NYT correct in saying there are actually 30 involved. Who precisely carried out the TA J, Oberoi and Nariman house simultaneously coinciding with the elimination of ATS chief. The people who are targeted in these three buildings are the ones that Israeli, British intelligence will guard to the death. To believe that ISI can hatch a plan to eliminate such heavily guarded Israeli British targets in India with US Israeli agencies not sniffing the details, given their penetration in ISI, is to believe that ghosts live on the first floor of our own houses. Every Islamic fundamentalist outfit has been penetrated by Israeli agents except few like Hezbollah.  Israeli intelligence even penetrated fringe radical Christian groups and are known for friendly spying even on America. Be it Iraqi Christian pilot defecting with MIG 21 to Israel or the recent killing of Abu Mugneveigh in Syria all bore, according to experts, the standard hallmark of Israeli intelligence. 
It is important to note that distinguished India author and researcher Maloy Krishnadhar has previously detailed in his book “Fulcrum of Evil ISI – CIA – Al Qaeda Nexus” the nefarious workings of Pakistan’s feared ISI Intelligence service as they continue their efforts with the CIA and their combined ‘terrorist groups’ Al Qaeda and Taliban towards plunging our Indian World from proxy war into Total War.   

The two targets ATS chief and the three buildings that were selected as targets are diagonally opposite in nature and texture?  The former is definitely not in favor of either under world nor the foreign intelligence agencies that want to penetrate in India using a cover of Hindu organizations.
The later target the Taj and Oberoi hosted ‘distinguished guests’ during the last week of November. Most of them are coordinators of intelligence in south Asia. Few names that stayed there are former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and elite members of President-Elect Barack Obama’s Global economic team in India attending the “American Foreign Policy After Elections” conference organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Aspen Institute India in Mumbai.
The members of Obama’s elite economic team attending this conference with Kissinger,  were Indian-Americans Sonal Shah,  head of Global development efforts, Aneesh Chopra, Virginia State’s secretary of technology, Vivek Kundra, chief technology officer for Washington, DC and Kartik Raghavan, a director at Microsoft.
Also there are  reports  are indicating that Obama’s pick to be the next US Secretary of Treasury, Timothy Geithner, was absent from these meetings despite his long standing ties to India where he was raised, but who was represented by as yet ‘unknown’ aides from the US Federal Reserve Bank. Are these distinguished guests re thinking how to save falling western economies with the aid of India. As often history repeated in the last 200 years when ever west was in trouble the East India Companies (EIC) or their subsequent managing partners of EIC plundered Indian human and natural resources for their survival. In this great game they kept other geo-political players at bay. Since last decade under NDA and UPA administrations the veering of Indian foreign policy and domestic economic policy dangerously closer to US British Israeli economic interests, viewed by other geo-political players as an encroachment ? Was this meeting viewed as penetrating their turf by other geo-political players?
The purpose of this conference in India in Taj was to advocate for the planned Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project which though strongly opposed by the Bush Administration and Pakistan’s ISI Intelligence Service, Obama has planned on being a ‘centerpiece’ towards his goal of achieving peace in Southeast Asia, and to which Kissinger has stated: “The pipeline will be a natural thing to do and I expect the new administration [to be headed by Obama] to begin discussions with Iran.
Reports from India are, indeed, stating that their Naval Forces have interceptedone of the Pakistani merchant ships stated in these reports to have brought the terrorists behind these attacks to India, and which intelligence sources are confirming was jointly owned and operated by the ISI and CIA.

If we follow the brief history of Chabad house then it is clear that this spiritual Israeli sect rubbed many times on the right or wrong side of the law. It is also clear that from various reports that the Nariman house is used as a go between various intelligence agents of every country who think had a stake in India. Some interesting notes on the Chabad Lubavitch.
–Tsar Paul 1 had arrested the founder of the movement.
–Suggestions that founder was influencing the French revolution.
–Sixth head plays key roles in Russian Revolution
–Sixth head plays key roles in WW-2
–interaction with German and Holland Bankers about anti-Semitism
–Founded the clandestine “Habad Yeshiva System” which was then placed under continual      NKVD surveillance
–Sentenced to death for counter-revolutionary acts, but International Red Cross exerts pressure to free him.
According to some scholars Rabbi Shneur Zalman’s first arrest was not the result of anti-Hasidic Mitnagdim agitators fabricating charges, or officials seeking extortion monies. An accusation was made on May 8, 1798 by Hirsh ben David of Vilna accused Rabbi Shneur Zalman of trying to assist the French Revolution, by sending money to Napoleon and the Sultan. It appears that there was no such person as Hirsh and the authorities were attempting to stir up internecine fighting among the Jews.

A bitter rivalry has been ongoing in Russia for the past 10 years between Berel Lazar, chief rabbi for the Chabad-Lubavitch-dominated Federation of Jewish Communities, and Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the pluralist Russian Jewish Congress, over who represents the Jews of Russia on an official basis.
This second aspect gives more credence to the first plot of killing ATS chief being killed by hired LeT operatives or men mediated by Dawood gangs, ISI planned by Israeli or British intelligence. This way as the proof of the operations start appearing prophetically the buck of the operation stops at LeT head quarters in POK. And by demolishing few buildings and arresting few operatives of LeT and prolonging their cases in any Pakistani courts for more than 25 years will prevent Indian investigative agencies going beyond western border to seek the master minds or to understand the real game of intelligence. The area of intelligence and counter intelligence and protection of national economic resources is not a game for all. India is just waking up for this where the west and other geo-political players are veterans. It is a game played by the rules of these players and we cannot define them, but understand and play by them.
But the later attack on the very planners by the same LeT looks highly suspicious, even for the handlers themselves it was surprising. Even Pakistani establishment was surprised and were prepared to send there is chief to clarify things. But it changed later its mind after the ‘so called threatening call from” Indian Foreign Minister. Foreign Minister office denied of making any such call. The entire purpose of this call looks like preventing ISI chief to come to India and to restart a fresh era of co-operation. According to reports quoted by Justin Raimondo in his article on 8 December 2008, titled ‘A case of telltale hoax, who was behind Mumbai Massacare”
“A hoax caller claiming to be India’s foreign minister threatened Pakistan’s president with war during the final hours of the Mumbai attacks, prompting Islamabad to put its air force on its highest alert for nearly 24 hours, a news report said Saturday.”
How did the Mumbai prankster get through to the president of Pakistan? Simple: caller ID! Naturally, these things can be faked, but what do they know in Pakistan?”
“My guess is that whoever did it had a direct connection to the organizers of the Mumbai Terror. After all, their goal was clearly to provoke a war between India and Pakistan, and one can hardly conceive of a more direct way to accomplish it. The call, I believe, also provides a clue to the identity of the Mumbai terrorists”… “All I’m saying, at this juncture, is that this points to some interested third party as the probable culprit”.
Who and how could one get direct access to Pakistani government secured phone lines. How could one imitate Indian foreign ministers voice? using voice morphing technology. The purpose may not be to provoke war but to prevent the ISI chief to come to India to help on certain things. This might have irked some as the trip might have provided with a different explanation.    
This gives credence that there is a strong section within in ISI which opposes hegemony of British and Israeli interference within Pakistan. Especially the attacks on civilians although be it terrorists, by passing the civilian military authorities gives credence to this line of thinking. The recent request by British and US to declare ex ISI chief Hamid Gul as terrorist because he is keeping in touch with the various terrorist groups created during his term while fighting Soviets highlights the probable rifts within the Pakistani intelligence agencies and British and Israeli intelligence controlled establishment. Hamid Gul was a strong advocate of non interference by western powers in the domestic affairs of Pakistan went on record stating in an interview that “we were given not independence, but a piece of land and since then we listened to only our masters”.  Incorporation of geo-political and economic aspects in terrorist operations will definitely give us the direction to identify the master minds behind these heinous acts. It is in this direction the attention of our security agencies and police needs to be oriented in order to face the challenges of the new millennium.
If we see the reaction of comments that came from today’s and yester years major geopolitical players it is clear that we need to learn a lot. Russian President on a visit to India stated that the Taj attacks are more in line with Benslan attacks in Russia. Indicating Chechen Saudi Israeli US connection. British prime minister is offering all help and requesting even the custody of Ajmal for British police and flatly saying it is LeT that is responsible. But the same British government was silent in many other terrorist incidents that were perpetuated over the soil of India. In fact London is the political head quarters of many of the declared terrorist organizations like LTTE. Many terrorists who perpetuated heinous crimes were never arrested in London on grounds that they have not committed any crime on British soil.
Of course closed circuit cameras, explosive identifying equipment, sniff dogs do provide security to a limited level, but the need to know about the motives and the source of such motives will let us plan better for the security of innocent lives. If we do not plan then the Mumbai blasts will not be the last but the first in a series of many such attacks to come on soft targets which paralyze growth and tear the country fabric apart into sectarian camps.

Given the recent naval room leak on a pen drive and the failure of missile tests and GSLV, one feels that a few thousand dollars will provide access to anything in India including the 20 year future war plans. Still, by knowing the actual planners we can hope to prevent in future, such human tragedies. The classic defections that marred the cold war era between Soviet Union and Western world are started to appear on Indian context too. The high priced RAW operative defecting to Virginia with family via Nepal was the beginning.
Again the wise dictum as told centuries before in the classic work “The Art of War”   “expect what your enemy wants to you do and do exactly the opposite” to win the war. In that light it will be unwise to yield to the enemy trap to discarding the peace process when the western neighbors are the first to condemn the attacks.  As is case with any of the terrorist group many of these groups are controlled not only by the states that sponsor terrorism but by the nations that sponsor the states that sponsor terrorism too. So though all evidence eventually leads to North Western frontier of India, to learn about who instigates these groups, their actions, the mode of acting and the previous track record that should guide us in doing what we as third neutral sovereign country should do. We hope we do a beginning in this new direction.

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