US Military-Industrial Self-Destruction and its Middle East Ally

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Only powerful, prosperous nations have ever become dominant military powers. Of course, this is because you must have the means to create a strong military and complementary technology. Without those means, a nation would be incapable of becoming a dominant militaristic force. Since the early 1900s, the United States has had the means and has used them in greater and greater measure, exploding during and after WWII.

Today, the United States is the pinnacle of militaristic world dominance, eclipsing even the most outlandish desires of the Roman empire. The US has military bases in nearly every country in the world; almost 130 countries, actually. And we spend almost as much on our military as all other nations in the world combined [1]. And when our military is not proactively attacking someone — almost always against our wishes — they’re the world’s SWAT team… the last line of defense.

But our ability to be that is in decline. We’ve over-extended ourselves, unable to fund the malignant military’s never-ending war waging. If we looked at our military for what it is — a prosperity-consuming monster — we could stop it. But we won’t.

This is where the Middle East comes into the picture. As you’re likely well aware, a couple days ago the US military joined NATO forces in attacking Libya, a country that posed no threat to America whatsoever. This on top of occupying Iraq — a shithole that poses no danger to America — and Afghanistan — another shithole that poses no threat to America. The attack on those two mudholes was spurred on by this idea that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and that Afghanistan was where al Qaeda was hiding and training Islamic extremists in how to attack the US and US interests.

Since then, however, we’ve learned that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq possessed no WMDs, though Donald Rumsfeld et al. claim he would soon have and/or likely did prior to our invasion (how convenient) [2], and that al Qaeda is virtually non-existant in Afghanistan (over 100,000 US troops are chasing after less than 100 al Qaeda [3]). Even a complete dullard can deduce that we’re not in these countries for the reasons we’re being told.

Iraq then supposedly became a humanitarian effort. We rid the Iraqi people of a barbaric dictator — who our government supported, politically and financially, for years when he did the US military’s bidding — and then remained there so that we could help them establish a democracy. Because of course, this should be a priority for America. Our own society is crumbling — our infrastructure is in shambles, our kids are less and less educated, unemployment is rising and prosperity is something we heard people had back in the golden era of the 1950s — yet we’re trying to improve other countries? If that rings true to you, get your head checked.

Some say we’re in Afghanistan because of their natural resources; not oil, which Afghanistan has very little of [4], but $1 trillion worth of lithium and other precious metals [5]. Here’s a map of Afghanistan and those metals and rare earth elements:

So then what else can we deduce? It seems fairly obvious to me that if we “discovered” this jackpot, we must’ve been doing something other than search for al Qaeda while over there. But why would we do that when our stated objective is to get Osama bin Laden, the (former?) CIA operative and (purported) 9-11 mastermind, and his cohorts? Clearly, we knew this deposit was there; the odds of happening upon such a valuable deposit are impossibly small. So I believe we’re in Afghanistan because of this, and likely many other reasons, one of which is securing and stabilizing the country and region in order to build oil and natural gas pipelines [6].

But enough about Iraq and Aghanistan. You already know we shouldn’t be there and aren’t there for the reasons we’ve been told. Let’s talk about Libya. Why are we there? The more palatable and therefore chosen propaganda being dispensed by our media is that we’re there for humanitarian aide. Colonel Muammar Qaddafi is attacking and killing civilians from the air [7], and we, along with the rest of NATO, must stop this massacre by establishing a no-fly zone.

But why are we really there? Similar to Afghanistan and Iraq, oil and natural gas seem an obvious choice [8]. Libya produces large amounts of oil and natural gas. And though the US doesn’t get alot of oil from Libya, European nations do. If Libya were to dissolve into further, broadening chaos, production and access to that oil would diminish, constricting the flow of oil to Europe. That would make the price of oil go up in Europe…but it would also force Europe to seek oil elsewhere, thereby tapping into the supplies used by the US. And that would make the price of oil go way up here in the US. The chain of events are simple but powerful. Libya’s oil is key to the western world’s way of life.

Could there be other reasons we’re getting involved in the Libyan conflict? Of course. In fact, I’m sure there are. And like all US military operations, mission creep — aka, the true goals of the elite that are really in control being forced through — virtually guarantees we’ll end up much more involved than we presently claim will be the case. A no-fly zone becomes a ground skirmish, becomes an occupation, becomes another Iraq or Afghanistan, becomes the downfall of the United States.

And make no mistake, the downfall is coming. No more am I hopeful things will turn around. We’ve passed that exit on the highway to hell. Those in charge of our country are either too stupid or too corrupt to see what’s in front of us: collapse. Yet they remain in power because we allow it. And we trudge through our daily lives, most of us miserable and unsure why, no clue that it all stems from our imperialistic ruling elite and their endless pillaging and looting in the form of central banking, inflationary monetary policy, corporatism, and military operations and skirmishes.

Remember this:

“Nations and peoples are largely the stories they feed themselves. If they tell themselves stories that are lies, they will suffer the future consequences of those lies. If they tell themselves stories that face their own truths, they will free their histories for future flowerings.”

– Ben Okri

As Derrick Jensen said in his book, “Endgame, Vol. 1: The Problem of Civilization“: “Unquestioned beliefs are the real authorities of a culture.

Could any words ring more true of America today?

For more amazing info on our military’s over-extension and the raping/wasting of our prosperity and resources, check out these two amazing articles:


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    kake Seriously? I’d rather eat some gulrot instead of this. I know you can do better 🙂

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