2 to 24, Why not DoB of Army Chief must be so important ?

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Children and Child Rights, Education, Geopolitics, Politics, Uncategorized, Youths and Nation

            Shri Kidambi, Krishna Vayuvegula with  Rakesh Mishra

Senior Research Associates in
Geo-Political Strategic Security Studies Institute (GPPSI)

 In any country the work of army or its chief is to defend the country from external aggression and if possible protect the country against internal aggression caused y 4th generational war doctrines developed by major military powers.  But it is strange that the civilian government and army are using full force to fight it out as a matter of ego or honor, depends on whom you ask, over a seemingly most important issue the recording of DOB by two institutions of the government. It was not only rude shock but most hilarious evening entertainment for both Indians and world wide tv watchers as this shows the aimlessness and purposelessness in to which both the civilian and army of India slide into since the independence. Our cousins are giggling, world at large laughing with what ever they can in an end less entertainer that we provide as nation via dozens of channels. Let us examine the historical events that shaped this brilliant diatribe exclusive for Indians, which we cannot watch anywhere now or never.

The beginning
 The so called Indian army was predominantly an army of 300 odd kingdoms leased to 30000 or odd British officers and their occupied Indian territory soldiers for every war British fought against, opium wars with china, first and second world wars etc.
By the time 1857 British occupied 51% of Indian territory which was merged with British empire under the proclamation of Victoria, the then British Queen.  British mercantile government realized that if it takes 150 years to fight and conquer 100 kingdoms,  it will take another 100 years to conquer remaining kingdoms. So they agreed with kingdoms that kings will not fight British till they rule and support British in all their international adventures. For that they will train the kingdom forces and supply all needed weapons. This way British kept Indian kingdoms from research in to weapons and also prevented them from interacting with other European, American, Russian governments for weapons supply or strategic partnership. Such French military partnership proved disastrous for British and took long time to occupy 51% of Indian territory. Kingdoms accepted the proposal under theory of paramountcy so that they can bring temporary truce and prosperity to their people. The unusual agreement unprecedented in the history of colonialism gave birth to one of the mighty fighting forces on the world out side European domains, the Indian Imperial Armies along with British Indian Army.
The dependency on weapons on British/Europeans became a fateful rule from then till now killing every research and self sufficiency in weapons technology in post independent India.
It was a rule where ever colonialism thrived, by every European colonial force not to train locals in the European war fare -theory, techniques or weapon systems which were developed from Clasuwitz to Von Molteke and other generals who created the concept of General Staff as opposed to feudal armies. The idea of Britain was shunned by all Europeans correctly, but British brushed the objections for conquering much fertile territories using these Indian Imperial armies. The vast economic benefits outweighed the Indian Kingdoms training as Europe cannot supply human numbers to fight their rapid colonial expansions and world wide loot, predominantly Chinese wealth.  China was ruled by Single emperor versus India by 350 odd kings.  The loot of gold and silver was so important, the China pie was carved by every European nation including Russia making the British the in-charge of the occupy China operation.
The first of the wars to go are the ‘Opium Wars’ to conquer China to support the largest drug narcotic running operation of British East India company and British Government. Effectively they drugged Chinese youth and people to subjugate the Chinese emperor. Close to 250 000 troops poured from Indian kingdoms under British/European officers to conquer China. This was the first international exposure to Indian troops. This was also the birth of India hatred in Chinese ruling class as Indian kingdoms helped to conquer Chinese Empire for Europeans. Now a tit for tat is seen. China using the Nigerian and other African nations gangs where it weilds influence is pushing not opium but cocaine, heroine, and dozens of deadly drugs in a similar pattern of what British did to them. Drug  wealthy politically influential youth and administration first. Then spread the habit in to towns and villages sapping the vitality of nation so that we can never pose any regional threat to China in their quest for super power status-Fundamental theory of 4th generation warfare.
This feet was repeated over and over in every war in every theatre world wide. In the first world war British poured from Indian Imperial Kingdoms close to 1.5 million troops to win the war of attrition-the trench wars- of Europe.
During the second world war it was 2.5 million Imperial Indian Kingdoms’ troops that conquered inch by inch the axis lands. It is not far from the truth that the defeat of Germany owes to falling short of 2 million soldiers to defend borders as they were reallocated to country side to defend air space across the Germany to protect vital German industry.  British have the advantage of 2.5 million extra troops from Imperial Indian kingdoms alone to compensate which turned the tide of the war from certain defeat to allies to assured victory.

Partition and Post independence Indian Army
The British realized the danger of such formidable well trained army coming back to India and joining the independence fight. They just barely achieved victory with Subash Chnadra Bose on Burma front. So since 1945 a strategic plan was drawn to down grade this fighting machine both Imperial Kingdom armies and British Indian army in to fourth class non innovative tribal forces.
Fist  from 1945 to 1948 majority of this strong 2.5 million Indian men were retained in middle east and Europe to guard vital installations of allied forces and their oil assets.  Viceroy Wavell and Mountbatten went in to over drive to create a deadly fault lines on religious basis within India which resulted in an internecine unprecedented butchery and rape for next one year. Had it been the Generals returned to India, they would have realized the strategy of Mountbatten –another military general of allied forces-and defended innocents. But with all Indian forces in other countries, and British police and other sparse military personnel under strict orders to protect only British citizens (operation ebb tide) the helpless political class of India watched the ghastly killings as spectators. The social engineering was so perfect that from one stage of  Hindus being declared as ‘people of book’ by highest Islamic bodies of India for their combined fight against East India Company occupation, British transformed both Hindus and Muslims in to glorified butchers and rapists with no punishment or retribution. This scene repeated it self in independent Indian decade after decade with same course of results. Yet British escaped from the blame and took a new avatar as saviors of the situation at least in India.
The schism was so great that by the time Indian Armies returned   from their middle east security guard duties they were forced to take a divided stand. Divisions after divisions that fought together found themselves fighting among them selves leaving enough time to Mountbatten extract every British citizen unscathed from the sub continent with all their loot and a bonus of life long pension to the officer cadre from Indian future earnings.
The armed divisions that went to our cousins took the route of Jihadi nationalism and the divisions that came to Indian side became secular at least for time being.

Birth of Indian Army and Protocol issues
With the devious plan for ascension and merger of Kingdoms with Dominion of India all imperial Indian kingdoms armies were absorbed in to the then British Indian army forming what is now known as Indian National Army. The merger never changed anything to kingdoms – at least temporarily-  except viewing British king as emperor  they viewed the Indian President as emperor. This created a weird protocol in which every king depending on their gun salute status were accorded ranks next to the President of India, and the Prime Minister of India was accorded a rank after all kings were ranked. This resulted in  Indian PM being either  320 or 350 in official protocol. The number 2 (second) in the protocol is none other than the chief of the army as he represented the highest soldier for both kingdoms and dominion of India. This situation was tolerated until the end of PM ship of Sri Lal Bahadur Sashtri.

Politicization Seniority versus brilliance
The stage two of degradation of Army started from the politicization of chief appointments. It started from Nehru who believed brilliance in battle field should be the criteria and did not personally get impressed with Kariappa, western army commander (1947-48) as brightest but  thought that battle hardened Rajendrasingh or Rathore could be a better chief. Both men said to have or attributed to have reminded Nehruji that their senior Kariappa should not be by passed, setting a dangerous precedent in Indian Army that seniority rather than brilliance should be the criteria for army chief post. Nehruji in fact wanted some training to the combined Indian Army (Imperial and British Indian) under British especially to accept brilliance over seniority on the same lines that Robert Clive a civilian port clerk was given the command of British armies in  Arcot Campaign under East India company who not only won the battle but later became governor general of Bengal. During the course of independence we shifted the recruitment of Army officers to UPPSC and after selections the Military Secretary (MS) office became responsible for their career postings etc.  But there is an army record keeper Adjutant General (AG). In matters of promotion etc AG records are taken as final. In the present case of VK Singh the Chief is relying on AG records for his DOB where as MOD and government is relying on the MS records which were copied form UPPSC for Chief DOB. Now the question is why these two accomplished agencies are fighting on this issue of AG versus MS DOBs ? The answer lies in enlightening ourselves as to what happened during the last 60 years with the Indian army their purpose motives preparedness and fighting sprit.

2 to 24 degradation in Army Chief Protocol
It all started with the demise of late PM Sastriji, the political fortune seekers around the PM office shunned both the protocol status of Chief of staff and the kings over the PM. Constant but sustained efforts (translation devious plans) were hatched to reduce their protocol status. This heightened during 1971 war when late PM Indira asked the FM Sam to ready troops for war in two weeks for which he replied negative and informed her  it will take 4 to 8 weeks for logistics. At that juncture the Defense minister interfered and said to some thing like ‘madam bol rahe hai na thoda kutch karo na’.  When insisted by late PM Gandhi FM Sam said something resembling “you can move troops in what ever time you want under new Army Chief”.  At that point PM Indira went with FM Sam but decided to act once the war was over. There was another problem in changing army chief during conflict. Most of the kings and their heirs joined army ranks thinking that by doing so they will continue their age old duty of defending the country, a tradition their fore fathers did for centuries before and all of them are behind FM Sam.
 From this point there was no turning point in down grading Indian Army. First the PM interfered in the Military Objectives of Lahore Campaign encirclement.  Post FM Sam tenure the protocol of Army chiefs was slowly but steadily downgraded from 2 position to that of 24th in protocol. With the election victory of 1971 post war PM Gandhi abolished all protocol procedures of all kings and kept PM as second to the President. Outraged with the betrayal the kings filed a string of cases in supreme court which are still pending and yet to be decided even today.  With the down grade of army chief to the 24th position in protocol, army was effectively removed from the fabric of nation building  to a force confined to barracks called only in times of natural disasters, and community voilence. Later army officers rest assured on the seniority in promotions more became house keepers of large budgets, British insignia, and pre-independence language i.e English, rules, procedures, terms, practices and rituals. There are few brilliant Chiefs came out of promotions but in many cases most of them like highest bank officers became file pushers. Creativity, operational brilliance, combat expertise all have no meaning before the date of joining and thus gradually evaporated over time as necessary qualities of a soldier. The sad situation is reflected today that many army officers does not know what is the defensive and offensive doctrines of Indian Army. It went to a point of pathological cynicism that the only doctrine they have is ‘minimum causalities’ in any given theatre-with the minimum ranging from around 1500 deaths and 15000 maimed (in Kargil war) or decimating a division (in China war)  to infinity depending on the theatre. We cannot blame them as their civilian bosses who are in DOD and on whom the forces depend for their weapons, systems, gear, cannot differentiate theoretically between a pistol and revolver.

Indigenization Self Sufficiency and Jai Jawan to Defense consumerism
With the above system –civilian (read political) control- over forces many great achievements occurred. First endless delay in approvals for domestic research in weapon systems. Thus any on toward incident will force armed forces to buy for contingencies from foreign countries. Here they can send proposals but final say is civilian authorities which paved the way for one after another defense scams from Bofors to Barak missiles.  Thousands of crores changed hands in commissions only and once bastion of integrity and honesty the army started reeling under scam after scam.  Further thousands of crores were donated to many western countries not only to sustain their defense industry, jobs but to get rid of their military junk on us. Effectively we became a military junk scrap yard, most of the equipment never used in real time war as every usage raised the ‘minimum death doctrine’ to the limit of sky.
When the deaths are unmanageable we started a new trend importing coffins-coffin gate. But army informed that they never imported coffins but caskets. For a bewildered illiterate nation over this coffin scam, political pundits and retired battle commanders explained the great semantic linguistic, technical difference between coffin and casket. Coffin means with the lid. Casket means with out the lid.  For our great relief and proud jubilations the lid IS MADE IN INDIA. I did not asked them about nails to seal it.  The casket as usual was over priced by a factor of 10 times. At that cost we would have buried our dead soldiers in American Arlington cemetery by flying them first class in AC planes. As usual our investigative agencies found none guilty a trend from Bofors till Barak missile scam became a rule rather than exception.
With no accountability, fear of retribution, responsibility to feel and assured promotions both civilian and army authorities shifted in to high gear since 2000 (liberalization and privatization) by going on shopping spree in international arms markets of every country. Indigenization, domestic research was shelved as outcaste buried deep under bay of Bengal. The reason for shopping spree was clear persistent danger from our cousins. And we cannot waste any time in domestic research except to buy now the military junk of 2 generations before. With post 911 and with the phony war on terror our  armed forces and civilian authorities felt relieved in their correct identification of our primary enemy –our cousins. The countries that have one tenth population of India became top defense suppliers. The countries whose population equals to our engineers became strategic partners in all three force components. All this while our best of the engineering talent is laying waste with out jobs. But this fact was never a concern for any one-civilian or army- as their promotions were never based on what they do but when they joined.

Made in India to Stamped in India
Liberalization created the system of defense contractors, consultants and to make things much brighter paved the way for army men to enter politics. As such consultancy, politics are not bad but this slowly removed the line between the army and civilians. With civilian contact all good things that were nurtured by civilian societies started to creep in to armed forces. In no other field other than domestic defense research it showed its maximum impact. For example National Agricultural Research Board authorized Dharwad Agricultural University to create a cheapest hybrid cotton variety as opposed to Monsanto Bt cotton seed to help farmers. After spending close to Rs 2000 crores they came up with an Indian hybrid variety. Ever skeptical Indian patriots using the RTI act found to their shock and disbelief that the Dharwad Agricultural university did no research in to hybrid variety and what even the hybrid variety they said they developed was literally Monsanto Bt cotton only, but packaged as Hybrid cotton. None lost jobs, no investigation ordered. What happened for this Rs 2000 crore grant is a forbidden question for mortal Indians who are not authorized to question development.
Taking the cue from such great innovations like cotton research the domestic armed research went two steps ahead. They scrapped the entire Micro Arieal Vehicle (MAV) research by not hiring competent engineers. But we must need MAVs that too with a tag of Rs 1 billion dollars, to patrol our vast coast line lest 26/11 will occur day and night. So with supersonic urgency we called global tenders all of which were bagged or in the process of bagging by a dozen Israeli MAV companies. Every thing in Air force -from planes to radars, products to joint ventures-all are done by Israeli defense companies and one wonders whether we have an Indian Air Force (IAF) or Israeli Air Force (IAF) branch in India. The names of these products were of pure Indian origin like netra, etc, a consolation for linguists. The Indian National Army (INA) is all set to transform in to International Native Army (INA) and thus keepers of  robust Indian borders for all nations’ three generation before military junk- hard ware and soft ware. The only exception for this Stamp India campaign are few defense research organization both in space and in Main Battle Tank research, submarine research, where funding is eroding every year.  Yet ever persistent danger of tomorrow war forces us not to consider them, but to buy from any foreign country even if its delivery is delayed by years as our cousins prophetically wait for the weapon systems to get delivered in to India to create such danger.

Why not DoB of Army Chief must be so important ?
Now with no research, cousins waiting till the delivery systems from western nations to get delivered in to India, lower ranks armed forces training their hearts of to become a statistic in ‘minimum death doctrine’ strategy’ there are two options for the top brass of armed forces. The men of honor and integrity can initiate some investigation in to the current status of armed forces-be it readiness or corruption-and try to reform it some what. This will definitely will dilute the ‘Stamp India’ campaign which is not beneficial to any one. The other thing is at least fight to correct a 30 year mistake in recording the birth date, a mistake by the data entry clerk who cannot distinguish between a zero and 1. If army looses this fight they are sure that they will be in protocol in 664th position after every MP in coming decade when this stamp in India campaign will gain tsunami momentum.  At least in this regard we have to support our current Army Chief who fought corruption in the ranks and want to indigenize and facing a great war with those who want to defend the ‘stamp India’ campaign and associated benefits for every one other than ever tolerating Indians.
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