Indian Heritage: Why progressive democratic forces opposes An detailed analysis…?

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Why Panchangam Row over future women behavior predictability now ?

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There is a huge row raging now at least in Andhra Pradesh about some behavior predictability of individuals in general and women in particular based on certain land mark body changes and timing of such changes and future attitude predispositions. The height of the controversy is the matter going to Human Rights Commission-though it is not the proper venue either to observe understand or decide-rather than going to behavior psychologists, cultural anthropologists, behavior sociologists, cultural sociologists. Let us examine what this controversy is all about and how it should have been resolved.

Astrology + Astronomy or correctly Astronology (this term many may not agree) was practiced for centuries. This field is divided in to 3 major parts. First is mathematical part (Ganitha Ashtakam-Eight Parts of Mathematics) that deals with interplanetary mechanics, rotation cycles of planets, equinox times, rise and setting of planets, satellites like moon, calculation of seasonal cycles etc. This part was highly developed in India since thousands of years and accurately precise as these calculations were done for thousands of years. This interplanetary calculations never dawned in the west until Yohannes Keppler a catholic priest was able to copy these calculations as part of his own with the blessings of catholic church. Till then Church was believing (which still believes) that the earth was center of universe and Sun is rotating around earth-helio centric theory.

Second is individual and group behavior Psychology, cultural anthropology, physical mental psychological spiritual aptitude analysis, medical psychology and human predictability & predictability of natural recurring events or calamities, weather cycles, water resources based on past indications (Jathaka Asthakam-Eight Parts on Manifested Life Forms) and current planetary positions during the beginning of every annual new lunar cycle. This is predicative model based on solid mathematical calculations. Third is Specific Derivation of answers for specific questions (Prasna Ashtakam-Eight Parts on Process of Questioning) pertaining to a particular out of a set of events that occurred in the past both belonging to individuals societies or natural events and their next years consequences (Prasna Ashtakam).  The third one heavily depends and derives from the first part which is purely mathematical as it takes the planetary mechanics in to consideration during the answer to such questions.

Can we predict human behavior or natural cyclical occurrences?

This is the centuries old question for both easterners and westerners. Every one want to know who and what in their family are doing or will do in future. Father wants to know what his son or daughter is going to become or rather want to become when they grow up. Police want to know what the criminals want to do ? State want to know what its enemies are planning ? Political parties wanted to know what their friends and enemies are planning to do ? Scientists wanted to know- if possible for example at least couple of hours- before whether earth quake is coming or not to save many lives. Americans or Russians want to know at least 12 minutes before any nuclear attack so that they want to send important VIPS in to bomb shelters.  Same way spy agencies will be glad if the know that their fresh recruitment is honest or corrupt or will sell country secrets to another country. Again spy agencies want to know if they can know the weakness of other countries spies, will he sell secrets for sex, money, liquor, for his children student visas, or just for a feeling of self esteem. This helps the agencies to either not recruit him or place him in insignificant positions.

Police or law enforcement agencies want to know why one become a serial killer or a thief or a murderer or does trafficking in women or children. Police definitely want to analyze and know why and when a serial killer strikes and kills. Psychologists criminologists with the help of mathematicians want to develop behavior models of human behavior that shapes a serial killer or a thief so that innocents can be saved. Dozens of specializations in psychology and mathematics developed to predict human behavior. In doing so they want to include all those bizarre past behavioral clues like when did he first smoke, with whom, did the parents in the house fight, did their parents have extra marital affairs, were their divorces in house, did his siblings beat him up, did his religious faith deep rooted, when did he first started taking drugs if at all with whom, where he lived how he lived, his friends their parents, pets, dress patterns, every minor thing to see if a mathematical model can be developed for observable behavior patterns (OBP). Along with them what ever DNA available at crime scenarios are also stored. Then these OBPs are ran across thousands of known unknown criminals or civilians in a given location to see they fit if in any one these OBPs are found. If DNA matches fail then law enforcement agencies observe who ever fits the pattern for years or at times decades both in public and private to see any future detectable behavior clues emerge. This waiting for serial killer to strike may take years and some times decades. That is the difficulty of predicting human behavior.

Police and law enforcement agencies always blame parents for the behavior of their children criminality. Law enforcement always want to know how a criminal is shaped up and want to know whether a suspect is lying or not. In oriental countries we resort to-though deplored- third degree punishment to extract truth. In west they resort to stress testing, polygraphs and narco analysis to see whether a suspect is lying and the results of such tests are accepted legally admissible. Is it not for our benefit to understand the cues of behavior-how ever irrelevant they may appear-of children so that a preventive step is undertaken –how ever ineffective they may appear at the out set-to make sure that they do not turn in to criminals.

That is why in oriental cultures it is the behavior that is stressed upon and the responsibility of regulation of such behavior is vested heavily on families and specifically on parents. Any cue that helps parents in such a huge task must be welcome. No matter what one thinks in one’s mind of and about criminality or crime or about any good action it is irrelevant unless it transfers in to Measurable, Actionable Behavior or MAB. By understanding MABs at the earliest, we can reinforce good actions and prevent bad actions taking place.

Behavior psychology went to a point of no return when it developed a whole body of knowledge now accepted in recruitment of employees called Body Language Analysis BLA. There is a billion dollar industry to coach how to sit, talk, move body while facing interviews. Though this body language is worst in analysis of human behavior and even worse in analyzing women behavior it is used any way as authentic scientific desccipline. It is worse because it does not take cultural sensitivities in to account. According to this body of knowledge BLA,  if a woman sits in cross legged position while talking to a man, it means she is shunning sexual advances of the man she is talking with. But if she sits in regular non cross legged position then she is willing to carry relationship with the man. This gross ‘scientific conclusive’ assumption about the modesty of the women is the first thing to be challenged in the public or courts. But none ever bothered about this because many may not care to read what is written in English. In oriental countries it is not culturally correct to sit in cross legged position for either men or women before elders and teachers. This does not mean any woman who sits in non cross legged position is willing to look favorably towards men for sexual advances. This one example shows how bizarre the human behavior analysis is turning in modern times.

The need to know and the ability to predict what others are thinking to do or will do or how nature behaves is essential part of human scientific spiritual growth from the time we discovered Fire. For example we want to know whether rains come or not next year. This helps farmers to decide to either sow or not to sow. The rain pattern helps governments to prepare for draught management. Oppositions parties to blame governments. Again if rains come we want to know will there be heavy rains so that flood management can be activated. We want to know if there will be medium rains and limited water availability then planning can be done for alternate crop patterns. We also want to know if there will be very little rains so draught crops can be sown and water conservation can be activated.  If there are super heavy rains like cyclones we want to know at least 2 days before so that all population can be evacuated to safe areas. The entire meteorology departments were existing for this function of predicting cyclones using again mathematical modeling of temperatures, wind gusts moisture etc.

Same way thousands of mathematicians worked for centuries to solve complex variables, partial derivations to see if they can develop a mathematical model to predict earth quakes. Seismology departments again uses a mathematical modeling. This spurred the growth of computer simulated weather forecasts, spur the growth of telescopes to observe cloud and moisture patterns.  Mathematicians  for centuries tried to develop complex models, algorithms and programs to see whether they can predict something about weather. The success is barely 50%. The worst is in terms of predicting human behavior.

Same way a family want to know whether their children want to become doctor or engineer so that they can spend money on him. In the absence of that every body with out aptitude studies for doctor or engineering courses or their entrances which makes the corporate coaching centers very rich. Till now there are no satisfactory answers for this question as to how to predict measurable actionable behavior (MAB) cues that translates in to future actions good or bad.

Astrology as predicative science in Western Context

Greeks and Romans believed in astrology as a predicative and analytical tool of human behavior of past and future. As analytical tool astrology will confirm certain behavior patterns and matches them with the hundreds of mathematical algorithms used derived from Natal Chart to predict such past behavior based on birth time and place. Future predicative behavior assumes a continuum of life in one form or other, consequences of past actions of individual or society long time after the individual or society are gone in to oblivion.  AS analytical tool astrology confirms a particular set of algorithms used in natal chart and as predicative tool it utilizes those confirmed set of algorithms to predict future behavioral choices or actionable patterns. Few actions have immediate perceivable results like firing a bullet and killing a person. Few actions have consequences spread over centuries. Destroying the forests or ecology polluting rivers may not affect populations in next few years but alter the growth of human civilization for ever for coming centuries. Same way societal actions also effect long term consequences for centuries to come. But the question whether one will fire a bullet or not or one destroys nature or ecology for narrow selfish profit or not lies in the realm of predicative astrology.

The hatred of Christians towards Jews started 2000 years before culminated in the 6 million gross killings of Jews by Germany during Hitler time during 1939-1945, with irrevocable consequences of strong Jewish desire to create state of Israel, middle eastern problems, current terrorism and host of many things. The creation of Israel in the majority Arab areas led to continuous terrorist attacks on Israel with Israel responding with force against Jihadi targets leading the entire Asia in to hot bed of terrorism. It all came because of erroneous assumptions of early Christianity that Jews are killers of Jesus Christ. Generation after generation century after century the hatred towards Jews never receded. Why ? Christianity never believes in consequences of human actions as they do not believe in continuum of life or theory of reincarnation.  Their belief that just this is last life and after this we will be in a permanent hell till the judgment day when god resurrects all and saves those who followed him led to one of the most dark ages of human progress where Church banned all science, technology, burned scientists, astrologers, magicians as devils and millions were killed during the process. Except Christian religious books, every treatise on mathematics, astronomy etc are prohibited and added to the banned list of books. This situation continued until the age of renaissance from where the current scientific process developed. Many Christian leaders in west and east even today believe that earth is flat and revolves around Sun.

The same is true with Islam and Judaism the other two middle eastern religions that took over Rome and Greece. Though Islam believes on most similar lines with Christianity, Judaism believes that just by taking birth as Jew Heaven is guaranteed so no fear of any consequence of any action at any given point of time in life.

But many ancient cultures believe in the periodicity of events and carefully marked the periodicity with deadly mathematical precession. The natural periodicity gave them the idea that life also follows the similar periodicity which gave them comfort in the continuity of life forms with certain cyclical periodicity symptomatic with larger natural cyclical periodicity. This continuous form of life in one form or others led to the theory of reincarnation of life forms. They believed that many life forms are part of larger natural cyclical periodicity which gave them an attitude to respect to nature. This theory helped people to watch their actions as their consequences may spread over next life times also and helped societies deal with complex issues like criminal justice, decriminalizing certain aspects of human behavior. Prostitution which is a worst translation in to English a very positive term from Indian languages –Vyabhichara Vrithi or Jara Vrithi or Bhoga Vrithi-was decriminalized and legalized long time back. The Term vyabhicahara is used to designate wavering budhi that leads to the chains of actions and consequences-the judging faculty of life forms differentiating right from wrong- as done in Bhagavad Gita which dictates that one should have budhi avyabhicharini-single pointed thinking process. From Chanakya to Kakatiya Kings the state considered vyabhichara as a profession (both male and female no discrimination here) and taxed the incomes at 10% and used this money to maintain law enforcement agencies. Many western countries like Netherlands (Holland) are following the same path.

Oriental Context

All oriental countries believe in theory of reincarnation and uses mathematical modeling on the lines of mathematical planetary astrology- which is used to predict larger periodicity of celestial systems- to predict behavior of  either life forms or smaller natural systems and their periodicity-using past data and mathematical formula developed under the subject of Celestial Astrology. The mathematical formula of astrology developed in India are so accurate and correct they are used all across in the world even today by Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians and even of lately by NASA.

The extreme precision with which the astrological formula are used in the planetary mechanics –like triangulation techniques-is the best example of the sophistication of models. Lets us take an example. Even the best IIT professors in physics or astronomy cannot predict the rise of sun or moon or eclipses coming after 100 years with out super computers, telescopes or satellites. Ask any 10th failed Indian astrologer about when the sun rises tomorrow he will calculate on fingers and will tell you the accurate time. This means the application of planetary mathematical mechanics was brought down to lay men. NASA after many years of attempting unsuccessfully to match the accuracy of Indian astrological algorithms in predicting planetary rise and set, equinox positions, in the year 2004 declared that they are abandoning their computers and space telescopes for the simple astro-algorithms of Indian Astrology.

With such solid mathematical background a section of astrology was developed in to what we can term as Predicative Astrology of small natural cycles and human behavior. NASA observed for many years that the Indian astro-algorithm predictability of nature, weather patterns, rain fall, crop patterns is more accurate on dot than any thing they have seen. With the success of Indian astro-algorithms in large body systems of late the Western and American Law enforcement agencies are looking at western astrologer in their countries to track criminals, predict serial killers, find lost goods. Even politicians in west-against the wrath of church-are turning to wards astrologers.

NASA is now attempting to see whether such accuracy exists in the human behavior spheres also.  This is precisely the time the controversy in AP broke out about behavioral aspects of the predicative behavior model.

Current Controversy in AP.

Few Progressive and Democratic women organizations approached AP Human rights commission to ban certain sections of the annual forecasts (called panchangam) by astrologers claiming that they are derogatory for women. Why only now when NASA was bent upon studying and validating behavioral aspects of Indian Astrology. What are those points ? These points are about the time of maturing a girl in to woman hood or the time of puberty. What is stated there ? The astrology in general states that (we are not calculating the natal charts, corollaries or exceptions or other family background or social conditions here).

A note of caution. Though this issue is raise about the women astrology is not at all about the gender. It is about the Jiva or Soul that enter the life form be it male or female. It is not only about women but about men also there are many indications that tells that if birth is on such and such date or time or with a particular combination men may become traitors, thieves or womanizers. We are not going in to that discussion as here the specific issues raised are about girls future behavioral attitudes. So while the analysis is done on women issue it should not be construed that it is done from the perspective of women to support or negate the issues raised. It is done only to highlight various issues intricacies and complications of analysis of behavioral mathematical models developed in India.  The questions raised and concerns voiced are equally applicable for men also.

Coming back to the statements presented in the Annual Forecasts (Panchangams) the following are issues under consideration.

If a girl attains puberty during evening she becomes (or will have a tendency to become) a thief

If a girl attains puberty after sunset she will become (or will have a tendency to become) a prostitute

If a girl attains puberty after mid night she will become (or will have a tendency to become) a widow

The controversy is answered in three parts. First linguist part. Second analysis part. Third scientific approach part.

The terms used in Sanskrit and their translation poses most difficulty in to even its sister languages in India. The translation becomes gross in English as in western morals and Christian context any woman who thinks about any one other than husband or has affair with other than husband is treated as prostitute and she should be stoned to death- a practice still practiced in many Judeo Christian and Islamic countries. Prostitution is derogatory in western morals and ethics. In oriental context there are separate terms for professional prostitutes, and a woman’s feelings which if expressed out side her mind tantamount to tendencies towards prostitution. For example the term vyabhichara or jara or jarani simply means or a man or woman who has an inclination mentally -at least in thought forms- towards certain sexual/love preferences out side society sanctioned institutions. From when in India we started forcing individual  mind to think as demanded by other groups who will decide what is right or wrong. It tantamount to intellectual terrorism.

Are we saying in India no woman or man should ever think about any other man or woman. Are we advocating Talibaization of this country or Christian puritanical standards where right to free speech is adorned. Do not we have the right to appreciate the beauty of something. Is not love and liking changes with age and time. Is not the women liberalization movement of west inspired Indians. These are the philosophical questions but with most relevant sociological consequences on freedom of expression or freedom of thought.

The Term vyabhicahara is used to designate budhi as done in Bhagavad Gita which dictates that one should have budhi avyabhicharini-single pointed thinking process. It does not mean every one can achieve the said status of budhi. But as stated earlier these preferences can be regulated if detected early and corrected or can be chosen to ignore in which case they go our of control with what ever consequences to follow forth.

Analysis Part

The above are sweeping statements if we take them at the outset. But they come with so many conditions and exceptions attached to them and annual forecasts are not the place for exhaustively listing all those excepting conditions. Also if we start asking few questions about the very statements and their implications or our understanding of what constitutes theft, prostitution things will become much clearer.

The first question is any woman who attains puberty at evening become a thief. In a day all across the world how many woman attain puberty during the evening ?  All are those are going to become thieves ? In an effect it is like asking the question that in a hospital, say if 10 babies (both male and female) are born at same precise time their natal astrological charts will be same. Do all of them become exactly mirror images of one another in their profession career mentality education or die at the same time ? This is answered at the end of the discussion.

Again what is meant by theft or to be thief. Apart from the Criminal Definition societal values shape what constitutes theft. Does theft means only tangible commodities. Does theft include intangible commodities like feelings sentiments emotions. There are great many heroines/heroes who stole the hearts of many men/women and can we call it theft. The  very feelings of all these men/women towards a heroine/hero other than their own girl friends or wives constitute mental prostitution. Are thieves are only those who steals caught prosecuted and put in jail ? Those who have a behavior tendency kleptomania steals but never caught of even if they are caught can they be defined as thieves ? If a sister takes some thing with out informing her parents or brother  can that be considered a theft ? For example if Nira Radia and likes stole crores worth of 2 G spectrum and sold to foreign companies. Was it considered theft ? Scores of corporate administrative executives like Sri Lakshmi (women) got corrupted stole public money in bribes and benefited few corporate executives or political leaders. Was that considered theft ?

In the same way let us examine the second statement about attaining puberty during the sunset and becoming a prostitute. What is prostitution ? Is it only exchange of sex for money can be considered as prostitution. That is the criminological definition of prostitution and is a Christian Law. What about adult consensual sex out side marriage was it prostitution ? What about mental process of unwanted sexual imaginations, dreams and fascinations by both sexes ? Was it considered prostitution. If high society girls changes few boy friends before marrying was that considered prostitution ? or considered egalitarian high society modern life ?  If the same thing happens in economically poor families should that be considered as prostitution ? or considered as acceptable social life of necessity ? If a girl thinks positively about few handsome or intelligent boys only mentally is it considered prostitution or freedom of choice ?

It will be totally wrong and outrageous to conclude that woman in her entire life never thinks about any other man not even a single time other than husband whom she will marry mid way of her life. This is totally against nature. Can such single thought about other man or men constitute prostitution ? The same is true with the thinking of men also.

Coming back to the first statement example of 10 babies being born at precise time with precise same natal charts. The precise time of birth say for 10 babies at a government hospital produces a similar astrological chart for all babies born- male or female (as astrological charts are drawn on the basis of the soul that reincarnated which can take either a female or male body) and let us assume that the chart states that any one taking birth at that time will have Raja Yoga. This means that they have a tendency to live like kings. This also means that all those babies born at the same time place will have the same Raja Yoga. To ask a question that whether all those become kings is a very valid question but a naïve question. Let us see how.

If one baby was born to MLA, another to an auto driver, another to a professor, another to a prostitute, another to an engineer, another to a doctor, yet another to a butcher, another to an army major, another to a police chief, yet another to a priest and so on and so forth then the development and evolution of these babies (male of female) will predominantly depend on the socio-economic-cultural backgrounds in to which they are born and in which they are raised. In general an MLA son will end up as an MLA and so on and so forth. The only thing that can change this process is if the child decides to pursue a particular path of his liking and puts his whole hearted efforts. For example say the auto rickshaw driver son want to become IAS and pursues in that line and becomes an IAS officer then that will be exception (with or with out the support of parents). Here the FREE WILL of the individual that takes him on the path of his development. Every individual is born with a will, free will to pursue what ever he wants to pursue but this will is constrained by the family in to which he was born and this choice of family is also predefined by the one who is taking birth. By such birth only the jiva the soul will complete the karma and its effects according to the theory of reincarnation. Often the destiny of children is shaped by parents will or social will that is reinforced on him. The natal charts indicate tendencies of the individual along with actionable thought processes. If the parents were sympathetic to these actionable thought process then the individual becomes what ever he wanted to become (good or bad). If not conflict results and in many cases negative actionable thought processes will be reinforced. By understanding the negative socially unacceptable actionable thought process we can reduce them.  As we cannot read the thoughts there should be a way/indicators to point in the general direction of such thought process. It is like searching for the clues for the next kill of the serial killer what ever helps should be used.

In this context astrological predictability using certain tested guide posts/way points comes as a social tool to warn of certain behavioral tendencies and if possible to change them to maintain social harmony. Not as a disruptive force. The relation to the time of puberty and certain future behavioral tendencies is one such small simple way point or guide post.  No one has historical data to correlate between the time of puberty and future behavioral patterns to disprove what is said in those statements as wrong.  Nor any effort or hint of effort in future to prove or disapprove those statements were mentioned. The absence of proof of the validity of a statement  does not mean that such proof is absent or does not exist. It only means that we are unaware. There are millions of manuscripts in many western libraries specifically looted from Indian from 13th century. Thousands of such are astrological and astronomical treatises. Neither we knew what is in them or how to understand them. They are all prohibited for Indians.

Many western countries when they are satisfied with the mathematical accuracy of the Indian astrology calculation in planetary mechanics are doing research in the behavioral aspects of the predictability. Unfortunately with heavy leanings towards western education we are importing retrograde toxic and opiate western religious values as -Carl Marx pointed out- in the name of modernization. One such thing was commenting that astrology was not a science a dogmatic Christian thought because the existence of astrology disproves only one life theory and final judgment assumption of Judeo Christian belief. The amount of money and human resources spent on finding the behavioral aspects of Astrology (both western and eastern) in any western country is staggering despite opposition from religious groups. Many Europeans and Americans still do such annual forecasts by seeing the ground hog shadow during March.

What and how the analysis of these statements should be done ?

Rather than going to HR commission, all progressive democratic organizations should have taken this as a challenge to either approve or disapprove the statements in the Future Forecasts. For this they would have selected a sample of girls say 100 for each group who attained puberty during various time periods specified in the forecasts. Then en exhaustive study of their early life progress should have been collected. Then over a period of at least next 10 years their progress should have been monitored to see whether the general out lines given in the forecasts are true or false. 100 is a very insignificant sample. At least it would have provided a way for a larger sample studies. With out that just simply ask HR not to publish Future Forecasts is like banning The Da Vinci code by the Church or banning Salman Rushdie by some organizations, a step unacceptable in the spirit of Free Speech.

Except interpreting algorithm results in India astrologers barely study the mathematical process of the modeling. To invite them to TV channels for discussion on complex math modeling is asking the auto rickshaw driver to explain the physics of propulsion of auto engine or demanding explanation for human brain solving 11th degree partial polynomial equations while one drives a cycle or auto or car. These explanations are part of the realm of experienced physicists or brain researchers. Realistically no one teaches any driver mathematics or brain complex functioning before teaching driving. The same thing goes with TV channel anchors. Rather than just to kill the prime time calling few unrelated individuals for discussion it is better they call scientists working in these fields to give balanced opinion rather than creating controversy to increase ratings.

Also astrologers while interpretations must equip themselves with contemporary developments in many associated fields like the developments that are taking place in their subject matter in cutting edge western universities or Russian universities. There was a famous story of two astrologers and a king. One day king want to test who of the two astrologers are greatest. One astrologer said there will be a rain in the afternoon in the city and a live golden yellow color fish will fall right before the main entrance of the Royal Fort. The second one said that there will be definitely a rain but the fish will fall few hundred yards away from the Royal fort and it will be in golden brown color and it will be a dead fish.  Post after noon the rain did come and when Kings entourage went to check for the Fish they found the second astrologer was correct. They found a golden brown dead fish few hundred yards away from the Royal Fort. Then the king declared that the second astrologer was the greatest. The second astrologer declared that it is the first astrologer who was the greatest. To the surprised Royal court he explained that he used the current geography and weather conditions to modify the first astrologer prediction. He also stated that he does not have the ability of the first astrologer to predict either rain or falling golden yellow fish. As it was a heavy rain and even fish falls live it may not survive the impact from the height of clouds which will be few thousand feet high. As there was a slope down hill from the royal court, with the heavy rain pouring and water gushing downhill, he concluded that the fish will exactly never be near the fort entrance but will be washed away few hundred yards from the main entrance. Also as the dead fish rolls in the muddy rain waters its original color golden yellow, rolled in the muddy waters gets turned in to golden brown.

TV predictions of elections is another interesting subject. It is called Cephology. Many times all incumbents who contest elections goes to astrologer to see if they win even before the start of elections once they get tickets. TV pundits will try to take exit polls and use sophisticated statistical and mathematical modeling to predict who may win or which party may come to the power. Often many times the accuracy of such predictions will never come true. Out of 100 such elections only at 20% of times the TV predictions will come true. Where as few astrologers in many cases hit right in the bulls eye with 100% correct predictions. Many of the astrologers will have a success rate close to zero also. But still the human quest to predict the future goes on. Very few world famous astrologers predicted centuries of humanity future correctly depicting wars famines turmoils peace prosperities and greatest inventions. Nostradamus, Keiro, Hazarat Moniuddin, Hazarat Nizamuddin, Veerabrahmendra Swamy are few notables. But again in these predictions analysis in current times the contemporaty geographic data goes missing thus making them difficult either to validate or invalidate.

Going by the trend of NASA discovery that they want to use Indian Astrology Tables for planetary mechanics calculations, planetary motions and equinoxes and if after 15 years if NASA or some other western scientific agency comes up with the statement that what said in the Future Forecasts (Panchangam) about behavior predictability is correct at least in 70% of the cases then will all these progressive and democratic organizations will agitate to include astrology in the regular syllabus of school curriculum ? May be they do if we ask NASA to publish their findings in Telugu rather than in English.  HR commission correctly pointed that they cannot register a case in this issue and they may try with police. Putting astrologers in to jails is the worst thing and most oppressive thing that takes us back to Papal Era of banning the science and killing astronomers or even to the era of Kamsa who jailed the astrologers who predicted his death. When do we wake up and appreciate our own vernacular wisdom not as religion but as secular science ?

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