On Narcotics, Drugs and Terrorism in India

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Children and Child Rights, Education, Geopolitics, Politics, Uncategorized, Youths and Nation

The beginning of Drug Narcotic Trade

East or West India Companies main profit source is not spices or cotton crop as usually taught in Indian text books. West India companies sold African slaves to Americas. East India Companies dealt with one most important product deadly addictive product “OPIUM.”   Probably East India Company is the first syndicated organized international drug runner under the then British government protection as part of British foreign policy of occupying third world countries first by weakening their people by drugging them. Though not under East India Company name, even today their proxies dealt with the same products and their deadly varients. East India company for its supply of opium  accepted only gold or silver- the only international currency at that time. Under the East India Companies the production, warehousing logistics distribution of opium was strictly under the guidance of chosen merchant families of Anglo European descent from Venice, Bagdad and England which were protected by East India Company or British armies.  Why and to whom they sold the opium ?  Where did they produced it ?

Why Bengal was occupied by EIC in 1750s ? Why not immediately after discovery of sea route to India ?

When Bengal fell to East India Company after 250 years continuous struggle in late in 18th century the British merchants lost the illusion of occupying India like African slave colonies just in matter of months. Their main objective of occupation of India was monopolize spice trade and loot gold silver diamonds – the international currency in those times-free from temples and Indian kingdoms.

Why Bengal first??

From the day Vasco-da Gama discovered Calicut route (the shortest to India) in the late 1490s every European country want a foot hold on the Indian west coast. Thanks to never mentioned historic 250 and odd NAVAL battles in our free independent Indian History text books, fought for more than two hundred years with Western Indian Kingdoms Europeans realized that even the combined military naval might of Europe or  their so called arms superiority was nothing before the dedicated Western Indian kingdoms. These kingdoms are Thiruananthapuram, Mysore, Peshwa territories, Rajputhana, Sikh Empire and Kashmir (Hindu-Sikh Kingdoms), Samoodri Rajas kingdom in Malabar (Muslim Kings). These kingdoms did had their standing Naval Forces from long time and it was never possible to defeat them by combined European Navies at those times. Peshwa territories controlled 55% of what was erstwhile undivided India (Indian and Pakistan) including Andaman Islands and Lakshadweep, with the rest of land area divided among other primary kingdoms and their loyal principalities.

First time Peshwas introduced the Rajwada System of Administration where by in their principalities they abolished military build up except for local policing and law and order . The military and foreign affairs was taken care by Peshwas. Delhi Sultanate and Hyderabad Asif Jahi kingdom came under protection of Peshwas by mid 1750. For this Delhi was paying Rs 54 laks per year for Peshwas as tribute. In the capital cities like Delhi or Hyderabad there was a Peshwa representative or Raja staying and all matters must be reported to them. It is under this agreement only they went for Third Panipat battle with Ahmad Shah Abdali to protect Delhi sultanate.

It was these powerful kingdoms were the primary the reason why the EIC which to just save few paise (pennies) used the cow and pig fat to lubricate guns rather than expensive oil in 1857, made extra efforts to travel 4000 nautical miles (round trip) to occupy Bengal first spending more coal and additional months of travel to Bengal.

The primary objective of Gold Silver Diamond loot at 350 tons a day shipped to England was realized too slow. With 1857 battle of independence it became impossible to loot 49% of India still under the remaining kings. The Rajwada system of Peshwas exactly to the letter was copied by British under theory of paramountcy as Residency System of Military co-operation with remaining Indian kingdoms which with their principalities amounted to 350 in number.  Additional 200 territories were granted Zamindari status by British.

The roots of Chinese distaste to India

British reasoned that rather than trying to defeat 350 kingdoms it is better to defeat one large kingdom double the size of India and get away with the loot of Gold Silver and Diamonds from there. That target kingdom or empire was China.

The method adapted for disrupting Chinese society was very unique. Destroy the youth of China by drugging them with deadly addictive drug OPIUM. Using the occupied Bengal territories East India Company first time launched a large scale cropping of opium in the current Bengal and Bihar using their selected merchants from the beginning of 1800. For this they destroyed all other production of agriculture goods except cotton needed for their Manchester Cotton Mills.  This resulted in the erosion of soil fertility and finally the infamous Bengal Famine where lakhs of Indian people perished.

Government sponsored Drug Narcotics Business

China was very powerful and her subjects were very loyal to their emperor. How to disrupt the loyalty and turn them against emperor. First British set to exploit the caste hierarchical system of Chinese society. Using their trading posts in Macau and Hong Kong all European countries first started a conversion spree of lowest sections of Chinese society called Hans (which later became great Han brotherhood of China under Chairman Mao). Second Using the converts first time Europeans pushed the opium addiction in the coastal cities of mainland China. In this process first they targeted the top officials and their children under the European life style, who went soft on the spreading menace. The time from the first addiction spread to becoming a public menace to common people and the destruction Coastal cities began, it took 40 years. By the time emperor banned the opium arming the addicts the Opium Wars were waged. When the converts were not able to fight the east India company hired a whopping 250000 soldiers from the Indian Kingdoms as mercenaries and with combined European Country ‘s military strength were able to defeat the Chinese emperor in next 30 years in a series of Opium Wars.

Chinese Emperor nor the people nor the  later communist or liberal governments never forget this damage to their culture done by not only Europeans but the Indian soldiers belonging to Indian kingdoms, with far reaching foreign policy implications towards India even today.

American Destruction and Chinese Wealth

With china loosing the opium wars and the wind fall of Chinese gold and silver looted, all drug production, distribution families that East India Company nurtured became filthy rich respected business owners, merchant bankers, shipping company owners and infrastructure developers. These business houses, East India Company and British Royalty used their ill gotten wealth to take control of their most precious lost colony United States of America by setting up Banking, Insurance, Infrastructure, Oil companies and corrupting the political environment in side USA. Most importantly they introduced the deadly addiction of opium and other sedates on unsuspecting American Population  making America the predominant narcotic abuser today.

These opium production activities ran until 1924 in India and were stopped with the heroic efforts of Mahatma Gandhi who first agitated to remove opium production from India and destruction China using Indian soil. Finally the British transferred the entire production to Afghanistan in 1924 handing the production to southern Afghanistani tribals which after 90 years became the golden crescent of opium production. Though the production is in the hands of Afghan tribals the distribution finance market control is still exercised by the same old British business houses or their proxies.

Till today the method of payment for narcotics is gold diamonds or silver or diamonds only. The market for narcotics is touching a whopping US $ 1 trillion (Rs 50 lakh crores) according to UN reports. Post communist take over of China they also started growing the deadly opium as a tit for tat for what was done to the west by developing their own area of production now called Golden Triangle and started drugging Europe via their ancient silk trading route thus connecting Golden Triangle to Golden Crescent on the top of India stretching from Thailand to Afghanistan.

With intelligence agencies clandestine operatives acting hand in glove with government sponsored drug production, drug dealers, peddlers, and handlers acquired sophisticated arms that posed a challenge for many governments.  With the zero investment and huge profits criminal syndicates with connections with politicians moved in to business straining local policing unable to do anything. As the addicts were ready to do anything to satisfy their addiction an associated prostitution profession and human trafficking were developed out of proportion in all those countries where the addiction starts spreading.

Post World War scenario

With the advent of nuclear weapons as the world wide threat of wars receded and major Geo-Political players shifted towards unconventional warfare or Asymmetric warfare or proxy warfare to control their erstwhile colonies found drugging their adversaries an easy tool of political control. Spreading drug addiction in higher political official circles and their children became an easy way to grab political control of target countries. AS these politicians degraded police and military forces of their countries gradually, Rave parties, farm house weekends became a venue of spreading drug addiction under the name of again European or American life styles.

Islamic republics saw this drugs and narcotics as subversion of social order on the similar lines of China and banned narcotics in their countries with severe punishment of death even for possession of drugs of minute quantities.

Modern democracies like India are now ready to fall victims on the lines of China in to a complete surrender to western powers because of lax laws or following oppressive British police laws. With more and more deadly addictives like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy entering markets the number of addicts and the lure of profits shot through the roof.

For last 20 years the  method of payment for narcotics shifted increasingly from gold silver to Diamonds. With unchallenged  control over the diamond supply storage and distribution, the Israelis saw a whopping business opportunity in the whole game just providing diamonds. Most of the Israelis became victim of the new addiction but the lure of huge profits with no investment and ever expanding consuming population pushed them in greater numbers in to narcotics trade conduits by handling diamonds as medium of exchange.

The lure of money flowing in to narcotic trade is so great that many terrorist organizations/freedom fighter movements  entered in to production and distribution of narcotics thus becoming self sufficient financially in their quest of what ever “glorified objectives they preach”.

Right now with the objectives of terrorist organizations, geo-political players seamlessly merging together to settle accounts, diamond traders, arms dealers join hands to sell their weapons to various groups it became impossible to face the narcotic monster even by armies as was evident in Latin America. It is hard to say who is running narcotic empire now. East India Company proxies, government intelligence agencies, terrorist outfits sponsored by rouge governments or all of them as partners.

With the steady growth of British banker influence in US economy and their socio-political circles even the US intelligence agencies are polarized on the lines of pro British and pro US out fits. Though Americans are fighting a loosing battle in US on the war on narcotics, British loyal Intel groups in USA are actively pushing the drug addiction in eastern block and Russian territories and unfortunately in India too using rouge elements of Pakistani intelligence and grooming the most dreaded wanted terrorist of India Dawood Ibrahim and a host of anti Indian terrorist organizations.

Narcotic Drugs terrorism in India To Day.

With the rise of both China and India on the stage of world powers it is China’s time for pay back for the wrongs done by us 150 years back and surge ahead.

Chinese Emperor nor the people nor the  later communist or liberal governments never forget this damage to their culture done by not only Europeans but also by Indian soldiers belonging to Indian kingdoms, with far reaching foreign policy implications towards India even today.

With China entering in to world stage post Mao era initially slowly but now with a bang decided to become an Asian regional power and if possible World Power. The main obstacle for Chinese rise is India with vast natural resources. The only way to destabilize India is to flood India with drugs and narcotics so that the youth, their creativity is destroyed thus in next 30 years the demoralized destroyed Indian nation produces no threat to any one.  This serves first their revenge of their defeat in Opium Wars during last century. Next they are using the same techniques used by west 150 years ago-using Indian territory to destroy another Asian Empire.  With rouge Pakistani terror groups already pushing drug addiction in western UP and Punjab it is easy for Chinese to use the same elements to push their agenda. We have to remember still golden triangle is controlled by Chinese intelligence apparatus. With increasing cooperation between Pakistan and China on many matters the China can easily mask their operations done and controlled from Pakistan.

With US using the Dawood gangs to push drug addiction Chinese took a separate root.

China with their absolute control in African dictator governments especially countries like Nigeria, created a separate distribution route for deadly narcotics.  Nigeria is 6 largest oil producing nation but Nigerians are poorer than Indians. British and Chinese oil companies firmly control the production oil in Nigeria. With poverty destitution reaching peak levels the religion tribal loyalties plays a major role in this African country. West already exploited these Muslim Christian differences in Nigeria thus taking the country to the brink of civil war. Civil war creates so many displaced populations looking for lively hood. The wealthy send their children to India Europe of USA for real studies to keep the children away from Civil wars. But this constitutes a small faction of population.

Many of these war ravaged displaced Nigerians were sent in waves to India under cover students and they are used to push drug addiction to new levels among educational institutions and higher life style circles. Though these criminal elements brought disgrace to real students coming from Nigeria in particular and Africa in general, again the lure of free easy money is tempting many from this war ravaged country to take up this new business venture. From Delhi to Mumbai, Hyderabad to Chennai the recent last 3 year arrests of Nigerians only in many drug cases, if any, is throwing the light on the magnitude of the problem. With lax laws, and the punishment for drug pushing only deportation or few months jail and with no punishment for users who are all well connected the Nigerians are sapping the future life line of India – the youth.

Many war wary Israelis back packers choosing India as destination to spend their time without fear increasing steadfastly. All these are centered around tourist or pilgrimage destinations where the floating population provide them extra security. Pushkar in Rajasthan, Varanasi in UP, Dharmasala in HP Goa and Kochi in Kerala, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad boosts largest numbers of Israeli tourists at times numbering in thousands. This also bought their habits in to India their addiction to narcotics and their dealing in diamonds to the Indian cities. With their control over diamonds supply which are the life line for narcotics trade and the profits at irresistible levels diamond and narcotic trade both started expanding in India since 2000 at rapid alarming rates.

Israelis encroaching the turf of Dawood Ibrahim-narcotic trade-the narcotic wars started tickling down within to Indian territories.

With no central drug policy to prosecute, with no stringent punishments to prevent, with no leader bothering about the future of Indian youth, different state police forces are grappling with the new menace Narcotic Diamond Terrorism with their over stretched duties and understaffed personnel.  With no co-ordination from central intelligence forces either in understanding this narcotic diamond menace or countering, with diamond merchants and their Israeli suppliers embedding their interests to mainstream political parties  the state police forces are clueless directionless, though if understood they can tackle the issue effectively.  As the police forces around the country watch helplessly, we saw series of diamond narcotic related terrorist attacks started to increase since 2000 steadily. With religious orientations of these diamond merchants or sellers appealing certain sections of Indian politicians we started taking Israeli help in solving our perceived political problems within Indian societies-usually low grade hindu muslim fights- unleashing a  new era of home grown terrorism.

The Samjhauta express blasts, Mecca Masjid blasts, Malegaon blasts are all in line with modern home grown Indian terror out fits like Abhinav Bharath with active collaboration of Israeli elements. Worst the killing of the ATS chief in Maharashtra along with other officers is another angle in this turf wars played on Indian soil. On legal/illegal diamond trading front innocent brilliant journalists were being killed who daringly tried to expose the grave problem. In Madhya Pradesh alone the RTI activist Sheila Masood and recently the entire family  of another journalist were just killed to prevent the nexus coming in to light.

As this is not enough these radical elements infiltrating Armed Forces with an intention of subverting Republic of India it self is a much dread angle and a wake up call of sorts for the kind of future we are going to have for our children.  Arrest of army officers on charges of sedition of setting exile government radical government in Israel, giving guerilla armed  training to radical elements in Nepal are the few glimpses of the new era of what is in store house that is coming for India. State governments steadily refusing to accept a national police arguing that their political control over police is key to the ruling indicates the lack of vision and shortsightedness of our current leaders.

In this regard this section will expose all available information on this narcotic menace to raise the awareness so that as a society we United Indians will collectively fight this destructive acts of terrorism against us to save the republic including home grown fundamentalist terrorism of all shades.


Shri Kidambi and Krishna Vayuvegula

Writer duo are founders and Senior Research Associate at Geopolitical and Strategic Security Institute,  Hyderabad.

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  2. Peter Eyre says:

    Very good story and lets not forget that the war in Afghanistan is all about protecting the opium in the southern part of Afghanistan as well as trying to grab the natural resources of that country…..”Same old story”…….

    The sad aspect of this is the huge amount of radioactive nano particles from the highly illegal weapons used in Afghanistan and North Pakistan which are now contaminating Pakistan, India, China, SE Asia and the Far East. The most problematic area being the Punjab area of Pakistan and India (in the North) where heavy concentrations are descending.

    If one now reflects on the extremely high rise in many forms of cancer and birth defects, not forgetting mental defects one can see that the UN and WHO are clearly allowing what could amount to a slow mass genocide in the entire region. The Himalayas also get the brunt of this fallout because these nano particles love to stick to the surface of snow flags.

    The greater picture is that all the main rivers of the region all start up in the Himalayas and so one can use ones own imagination to see what can and will happen to such rivers as the “Sacred Ganges” etc.

    You can read more about this and many other topics on my blog


    Peter Eyre – Middle East Consultant – 29/3/2012

  3. […] On Narcotics, Drugs and Terrorism in India (punarnavbharat.wordpress.com) […]

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