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punarnav bharat

Gandhiji who dedicated himself for Social Justice, Gandhiji and Gandhiesm himself suffered injustice in real.


Jawaharlal Nehru said in Parliament: “And today the fact that this mighty person whom we honoured and loved beyond measure, had gone because we could not give adequate protection is a shame for all of us..”

This is what We discuss today. It is not less shame as then  felt by Jawaharlal Nehru than today we should feel.  With latest cutting edge technologies, forensic evidences, hundreds eyewitness accounts, years of police survivalance of radicals, accessibility to hundreds of police records still we cannot conclude who killed him correctly or why they killed him. For last 64 years we discussed many times on many death occasions how great he was hoe ideal he was. But today I want to talk killing Gandhiji twice. Once with bullets. Next all of us participating for last 64 years…

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