Why countries like India are so poor…?????? Vs.The Rothschild Colonization of India

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Education, Geopolitics, Politics, Youths and Nation


Do you know how Europe and the U.S are so rich….

…while countries like India are so poor…??????

You might be thinking its because they are already developed and advanced and we’re still a “developing” country…

Blah! Read on…

India was already a highly “developed” and advanced civilization for 4000+ years when the British stepped on our shores and it is entirely because of the British that we became backward and underdeveloped to this day.

So how did they do it?

Simple. They indulged in outright, shameless THIEVERY that continues to this day at various levels through various means. Here’s how this THIEVERY of India and its people was initiated by the East India Company and is still happening in a way that we cannot see or will not realize even if we see:

In 1600, the East India Company was granted the Charter to trade with India.

East India Company

It started sending bands of sea pirates in ships masked as “merchants”.

These sea pirates began landing on the shores of India and started setting up armed forts at various places such as Chennai.

The Rothschild family owned the trading company British East India Company. In 1857, they decided to merge with the British Empire.
After conquering Bengal in India, the Rothschilds set up a notoriously corrupt system of administration, whose sole objective was to shamelessly plunder the countless riches of Bengal which was the richest province in the entire world during that time.
Bengal was literally turned into a graveyard of death and desolation…

Millions of the poor were eliminated through the spread of diseases like the bubonic plague…

The Nawab Siraj Ud Daulah’s artillery on its movable platform, India, 1757, (1893). In 1757 at the Battle of Plassey, Clive and British troops secured Bengal under the control of the East India Company, and therefore British rule. A print from “The Illustrated London News”, (23 September 1893). Heritage-Images 2008 – All Rights Reserved

The Nawabs and the Rajahs and Zamindars were robbed of their priceless treasures. The following picture shows one such treasure looted by the East India Company banker pirates…

The Rothschilds then moved this entire horde of tons of gold looted from the people of Bengal to London. It was with this gold looted from Bengal that the Rothchild family set up the privately owned Bank of England.
Indian looted gold in the underground vaults of Bank of England

In the decades that followed, the Rothschild banking family set up the Federal Reserve Bank of America which to this day indulges in day light robbery of the American people.

The Rothschilds then set up the World Bank, the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements.

The Rothschilds use banks such as the World Bank, the IMF, the Bank for International Settlements to institutionalize the robbery of the third world
Banks such as Citibank and Standard Chartered bank etc. were also set up with the secret support of the Rothschilds to continue the robbery of third world and Indian people.

When Indians revolted in the year 1857, they were told that the East India Company was abolished and India will be administered directly by the CROWN.

What Indians do not know to this day is the fact that CROWN does not mean the King or Queen of Britain but a privately owned Corporation of London headed again by the Rothschilds who owned the East India Company!

Indians were tricked and cheated with a simple name change game!

The exploitation and robbery of India, its resources and people continued till 1947 under this CROWN.

In 1947, India and its people were again tricked into believing that we were granted “Independence” through the complicity of Pandit Nehru.
Under secret orders from the Rothschilds given to him through his Jewish girl friend Edwina Mountbatten who is a close relative of the British Queen, Nehru turned India and its people into rag tag clad beggars by aligning India with the Soviet Union which was another creation of the Jewish bankers.

You must not forget that today the richest people in the country are undoubtedly the politicians who continue their thievery and robbery of India for the East India Company Rothschilds banking family as their BENAMI frontmen.

The robbery of India and its people continues to this day and proof for this is evident in the fact that nearly 800 million Indians live at less than 50 rupees per day while our Parliament is full of politicians who are millionaires!

The Rothschilds are now married into the British Royal Family and many aristocratic families of Europe. The Kohinoor Diamond which was robbed by Robert Clive was presented to the British Queen.

The Bank of England which was set up through the thievery of gold from Bengal and the rest of India was also able to finance other banks such as Citibank and Standard Chartered bank. The East India Company bankers are using these multinational banks to rob the people of India.



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