High profile Love express : Hina Rabbani Khar- Bilawal Bhutto

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Geopolitics, Politics, Youths and Nation



is this part of a smear campaign and political vandetta? or is it a prank by some geeks having fun with Photoshop? or do these pictures display a deep character flaw of the Bhuttos and Zardaris? or are these just indiscretions of youth which mean nothing? or who cares?. Inquiring minds want to know! Rupee News posted these pictures because they have some news value. We provide these pictures to our readers without judgment. those judging us should examine their own history of clicking habits. Of the thousands of intellectual articles posted on this site, this one constantly gets hundreds of hits every day! Intellectual bankruptcy or simple courosity–from the baser insctincts!

RUPEE NEWS | Moin Ansari

  1. Rajesh Jatana , Kapurthala , Punjab says:

    what we see could only be seen in pakistan, if it is true love it will find its way to survive. In all cases the lives of her two daughters is bound to take hit.

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