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There have been unanswered questions  about the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in Sriperumbudur.

There were questions as why Rajiv Gandhi was allowed to go to Sriperumbudur,despite information that he would be assassinated there.

A Congress leader suspiciously canceled his visit at the last-minute.

Sivarasan, the killer was liquidated after the arrival of a Senior officer at the spot.

Rajiv Assassination Video.


The contingent was asked to wait for his arrival, till this officer, though they would have caught the killer alive.

Now Ragothaman exposed that a crucial Video evidence was suppressed.

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A new book — Conspiracy to Kill Rajiv Gandhi: From the CBI files — by the former chief investigator of the CBI, K Ragothaman, claims that the then IB director and current West Bengal governor MK Narayanan never shared this video with them.

We filed a preliminary enquiry “naming MK Narayanan as a…

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