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Kaushal Kishore

The Ganges, the lifeline of Indian subcontinent has been widely worshipped in her personified form as the divine goddess for ages. It is believed that the living water of the holy river possesses curative properties and purifying characteristics. In present scenario, there are several problems that challenge the very existence of the holy river and the great Himalayas.

The Holy Ganga sheds light on the spiritual, religious, social, economic, cultural and environmental importance of the Ganga along with the problems of livelihood, uncontrolled pollution, dreaded floods, indiscriminate mining, politics of faiths, and corporate maneuvering of water resources.

The author describes situations of past, present and future, and offers possible solutions to various problems with a passionate, simple and impartial approach. The book is a call for a peaceful and dynamic movement to preserve the holy river, the great Himalayas and our planet from human versus nature war…

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