Posted: January 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hues of A Soul

Some days back, I was watching Resident Evil: Retribution at PVR Saket. I have been a big fan of this movie series as the movie resembles our real world. In the movie, lead character Alice saves mankind from the disastrous experiments of a capitalistic company, Umbrella Corporation, trying to invent biological weapons that unfortunately result in zombie apocalypse.

In the fifth installment of the film, few security personals are on a mission to bring Alice out from the hostage of Umbrella Corporation in order to save the mankind from extinction. The antagonist was trapping Alice in feminine emotions by inducing the visions of being a mother of an eight year old girl in her dreams. Another savior of Alice on the mission, Ada reveals the truth behind having eight year old girl kid but Alice refuses to accept completely due to the strong emotions and puts her life in danger…

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