Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

As My World Turns

Alex Jones –you are the one who for over 20 years have scared people into believing that our culture is being taken over – and the people you have scared to death have bought all these guns to protect themselves from some New World Order that is going to put all of us into FEMA camps and take all our rights away.  You have created the society of “preppers” – you and Glenn Beck.  You are connecting dots that aren’t even there!!  Grow up Alex!! 

You have created a culture of fear – stockup on food, get ammo and guns, be prepared because the government is going to come for your guns, we are going to be in FEMA retraining camps, vaccines are poisoning us, food is making us stupid, don’t drink the water, they are kidnapping our kids and rapping them, the food is full of poisons, and…

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