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Kaushal Kishore

Art Work

Art Work

Kaushal Kishore March 2, 2013

The huge crowd of devotees and saints has returned from Prayag Kumbh. But official announcement of its closing will be only after the bathing festival of Shivaratri. Having third Shahisnan on Vasant Panchami the saints of akharas had already returned to their places. After the holy dip on Magh Purnima even kalpavasi pilgrims went back. Kumbh administration is now eagerly waiting for Shivaratri. Silence began to spread over the Kumbh City day-by-day. Amidst this silence there are many artists, painters and activists dedicated to the protection of small rivers, and now they began to entertain with lively presentations. Many of these artists come from different parts of the globe.

Kumbh Mela in Hardwar and Prayag start in beginning of the year. The gatherings of Kumbh on the banks of Gautami Ganga and Kshipra rivers differ in many ways from these two…

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