Some important orders passed by the High Court

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

The orders included the recent closure of many industries, namely 150 tanneries in Kanpur, 40 Saree printing units in Varanasi, 10 carpet dyeing units in Mirzapur etc. that did not have Primary Effluent Treatment Plants (PETP), 7 stone crushers at Hardwar, the formation of the river police in 22 towns of UP along river Ganga to ensure that no dead bodies and other pollutants are thrown into the river and prevent defecation on the banks, uninterrupted power supply to all assets like waste treatment plants, pumping stations, crematoria etc. created under Ganga Action Plan phase-I, cleaning of the Lower Ganga Canal System which is the raw water source for Kanpur (having capacity of 5.5 mld ), removal of 5000 truck-loads of chrome laden toxic tannery sludge from Jajmau area and to ensure its safe disposal, removal of illegal settlements on various ghats (river banks of Hardwar and Rishikesh towns).

  • The court also ordered to form a ” Ganga Fund” in order to promote public participation and contribution.
  • In its past orders the court made Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) party to this case. The GMVN is the premier body for the development and tourism work in the Garhwal Himalaya. This order came following a newspaper report that Gangotri Glacier (source of the Ganga river) is shrinking fast and Ganga is polluted right from the source at Gaumukh.
  • The court has also ordered the UP Pollution Control Board to do a monthly monitoring of river water quality from the user’s point of view unlike the previous method of sampling water from the centre of the river. Thus, an effort to improve the quality of water at bathing ghats and intake points has been undertaken to ensure the safety of the users and communities living along the banks and for all those directly or indirectly dependent on river water.
  • The court has nominated a team of auditors with Sameer Gupta as leader (all senior Retd. Officers of Indian Audit & Accounts Services) to make an investigation as to how the money under the Ganga Action Plan Phase-I was spent. The audit team has already submitted its first report to the court.
  • Hon’ble High Court vide its order dated: May 5-1998 had formed a High powered committee under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary of the UP Govt. in order to ensure compliance of various orders passed by this court and on suggestions given by the petitioner from time to time. The high powered committee meets every fortnight in which 10 principal secretaries of various departments, Commissioners of various Divisions, District Magistrates of various towns and other top officials of UP Pollution Control Board, UP Jal Nigam, and representatives of Central Govt. participate.




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