How Indian Constitution & Democracy were Hijacked?

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Education, Geopolitics, Politics, Youths and Nation

In 1992, then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and his Finance Minister Manmohan Singh kept a framework before the country – that they wanted to bring a new stream of prosperity and development in the country and wanted to put an end to the Inspector Raj. In fact, the control of the Government had gradually increased and people had got fed up of the Inspector Raj. In this period, instead of the public welfare state outlined by the Constitution, the then Prime Minister and his Finance Minister envisioned a market based state and from 1992 till today the character of the Government has completely changed.

Nobody questioned how, without taking the people into confidence, and without bring a Constitutional Amendment, Government was changed from a public welfare state Government to a market-based and profit-based Government. In other words, the country’s Constitution had been changed without taking the opinion or views of the people of the country! In such a situation, the book of the Constitution gradually became just an object for gracing book shelves. Whatever had been written in the Constitution began to come to an end one by one and that is why people in the country today do not have much respect for the Constitution. There are forces too in the country, chief among which are the Naxalites, which say that this Constitution stands against the poor. In fact, the Constitution which should have stood only in favour of the poor in the country – after 1992 the people who went to Parliament left no stone unturned to ensure that the Constitution stood against the poor. Now the market based system says that if you want to walk on the road, give toll tax, whereas the Constitution says that the Government should provide basic facilities. The Constitution says that the people have civil rights, fundamental rights, and which work the Government has to do — a clear and specific explanation and interpretation has been given. For a public welfare state, there is a model/ideal description –welfare state — in our Constitution and its interpretation is also given, but Governments have decided that if you want to get treatment, go to expensive hospitals, and if you want to get education, go to expensive schools. The Government has not pushed ahead with matters related to education or with health. Increase in prices have been openly handed over to the markets, the bazaars. Unemployment is rising in leaps and bounds, agro-based industries are closing down, basic cultivation is not being able to recover its cost, farmers trapped in debt are continuously committing suicide. But because the Government has adopted the market-based path, it makes no difference to it now how many people in this country are dying due to malnutrition, how many are dying because of non-availability of treatment, and how many are dying caught in the web of debt. What is really surprising is that the Government is not bothered or concerned at all about why employment is not being created.

As a result, where in 1992 there were 40 districts and in 2004 there were 70 districts affected by Naxalism, today there are 272 District directly impacted by Naxalism. This Government working and walking in unconstitutional ways has brought the country to a pass where people have started to think that the Government pays no heed to peaceful ‘dharnas’, therefore it is useless to hold demonstrations. Yes, the thought of taking violent steps has certainly now rapidly come into people’s minds. In many States, as rail tracks are blocked by the people for 10 days at a stretch, 15 days at a stretch, the Government responds promptly to their demands. If in Orissa, the IAS District Magistrate is kidnapped by Naxalites, their demands are met within 72 hours by the Government. Overall, the result of the mistake made in 1952 has been that the the entire Lok Sabha is seen standing far away from the problems of the people. In fact, such laws are mostly being made which do not remove the problems or suffering of the people, but instead continuously help the ruling class and the corporate class which shakes hands with it. Not a single law is being made that will bring down inflation, that is against corruption and unemployment and can provide some faith to the people.


  1. Well written. Do better. More logic. Keep emotions out.

  2. Robert T. Johnson says:

    The Italian term stato sociale (“social state”) reproduces the German term. The Swedish welfare state is called Folkhemmet — literally, “folk home”, and goes back to the 1936 compromise between Swedish trade unions and large corporations. Sweden’s mixed economy is based on strong unions, a robustly funded system of social security , and universal health care . In Germany, the term Wohlfahrtsstaat, a direct translation of the English “welfare state”, is used to describe Sweden’s social insurance arrangements. Spanish and many other languages employ an analogous term: estado del bienestar— literally, “state of well-being”. In Portuguese , two similar phrases exist: estado do bem-estar social, which means “state of social well-being”, and estado de providência— “providing state”, denoting the state’s mission to ensure the basic well-being of the citizenry. In Brazil , the concept is referred to as previdência social, or “social providence”.

  3. In Ferrocarril Central Argentino c/Provincia de Santa Fe, 569 the Argentine Court held that the General Welfare clause of the Argentine Constitution offered the federal government a general source of authority for legislation affecting the provinces. The Court recognized that the United States utilized the clause only as a source of authority for federal taxation and spending, not for general legislation, but recognized differences in the two constitutions.

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