Kate Middleton’s Pubic Hair: The Beaver Tribunal Revisited

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Daruma Eye

I read about Kate Middleton’s recent paparazzi drama with great interest.
The thing I found most interesting is that the problem wasn’t really so much that photogs caught her (literally) with her pants down.
Royal pussy isn’t such a big deal.
The issue that really has tongues wagging, the real money shot is that…The Duchess of Cambridge actually has pubic hair.
Trust me, I can relate.
In fact, I was delighted that I actually have something in common with royalty.
Except I was trashy enough to write about it.
Mmm hmm.
And even trashier…I figure this seems like a great time to resurrect a classic tale of waxing and waning.
It’s a hard-hitting journalistic piece called, THE GREAT PUBIC HAIR DEBATE:

In all deference to Eve Ensler, I had a very unfortunate experience with my vagina recently.
I was alone at a crummy Mexican restaurant and went to the bathroom…

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