Ganga Is Drying – Tour report 9

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ganga Is Drying

Munger: (population 213,101 in 2011) became the capital of the Nawab of Bengal, Mir
Kasim, when he shifted from Murshidabad in 1762. He also fought a battle with EI Company
from here. It has a Mughal fort. Munger is the only city where Gun manufacturing became a
cottage industry, which is flourishing from past 200 years. Munger School of Yoga is also
famous as many come from all over the country and abroad to learn Yoga. It appears visitors
are not welcome here, as we could neither see any activity nor get any definite information.

Mokama: (population 96,441 in 2011) is 90 kms from Patna. Mokama was a resting place
(mukam) for the army in the Ganga belt and hence the name. Folk lore of Reshma and
Chuharmal is famous here and is a romantic but tragic love story of two different caste
lovers. Mokama has industries like Mac Dowell…

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