Computer Forensics : Next destination of lucrative career

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Education, Youths and Nation

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The Field of Forensics sometimes also referred as Cyber Forensics or Computer Forensic Science and also IT Forensics. The art of investigation and Evidence recovery with intention of extracting authentic information from Computers, digital media (Storage devices). This has legal implications as an expert has to certify his investigation and an opinion has to be formed based on investigation and analysis in court of law.


In recent times the information technology grew drastically and became accessible to almost every human being. The human Dependency on this technology has also increased so much that documentation, exchange and storage of ideas, expression and records (official and personal) are being stored on digital media and communicated electronically (digitally). Basically these devices have become part and parcel of our daily life. With all positive angles these devices have also become the witnesses to almost all events related to its users (Civil &Criminal), so these are to be investigated to extract the right and accurate information that is related and needed. Digital Devices are investigated in all cases these days mostly in cities and urban areas. The examples for it are Laptops, Personal Computers, PDA, CD, Pen drive, SD & MicroSD cards ETC…


In court computer forensic evidence is subject to the usual requirements for digital evidence; requiring information to be authentic, reliably obtained and admissible. A Cyber expert is the person who is expected to know all aspects and legal implications related to this field. Expert investigates and coveys his analysis and output through a report that is considered his opinion legally.
It is to be taken care of that the investigation and analysis is done following a legal prescribed way preserving all evidences for future reference. As in case of every field digital devices and IT Networks also follow basic principles of functioning and digital laws.
Accuracy of analysis is maintained by the knowledge and experience of expert sometimes also by repeated analysis involving other experts for conformation and second opinions.

IT Act 2000 and IPC

In India the digital conduct and IT functioning is governed by IT ACT 2000 and also some sections of IPC (Indian Penal Code).

Cyber Forensic steps for experts to follow and maintain chain of custody


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