Sanskrit Not Hindu Language Nor Rig Veda

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Not content with dividing India on the basis of Aryan Invasion theory, there is an attempt by the West to denigrate and destroy The Hindu Identity by destroying its roots, Sanskrit and The Vedas.

Macaulay made his intentions clear in his address to the British Parliament, when he observed that it is the Hindu Culture, Religion and Sanskrit were the impediments to the advancement of Britain’s interests in India.

So the Britishers floated the Theory of Aryan Invasion, encouraged linguistic tendencies and adopted a Policy  of Divide and Rule.

They imposed English, simultaneously ensures that Indians lost respect for their Languages, Sanskrit and the local mother tongue.

Contrary to what they expected the Hindus mastered English better, even better than the British and have advanced, thanks to the British.

In the process Hindu cultural degradation started and is well on its way.

Sanskrit losing its sheen in…

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