Fifth Year of Ganga Mukti Tapas of Baba Naganath in Kashi

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Kaushal Kishore

Fasting Tapasvi

Fifth Year of Ganga Mukti Tapas of  Baba Naganath
Kaushal Kishore

Tapasvi Naganath fasts for more than four years to ensure the free-flow of the Ganga. He says with firm conviction that the spirit of Ganga Putra Nigamananda is alive in his efforts to save the holy river.

Partnership for Water and Save Ganga Campaign was the most important issues that needed immediate focus during the last couple of weeks. As thus I traveled to Kanpur and Kasi to explore the grass-root facts in the countryside. Many of the organizations, individuals and devotees of the mother Ganga collectively initiated the said programs. I have interacted with common people, activists and well-known dignitaries. It was a surprise to know that many of the top brass were largely unknown and unclear on the basics of the issue, at the same time I came to know many things from certain common…

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