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Wide Awake Gentile

Goa’s drug scene has evolved from the 70s-80s, when natural drugs like hashish and grass were the toast of the times, along with the occasional acid trips during beachside raves.

The turf has changed now and turned complex. According to EDUARDO FALEIRO, a former union minister of state for External Affairs,THE BUSINESS OF NARCOTICS IS MORE CORPORATE AND OFTEN CONTROLLED BY FOREIGNERS, WHO CONTROL AREAS and often prefer to cater to fixed nationalities   “I was informed that due to turf wars to control the drug trade, drug dealers of different nationalities settle in different villages. Presently the Israelis control the drug trade in Vagator, Morjim is controlled by the Russians and Calangute and Candolim by the Nigerians,” claims Faleiro.

But if there was ever a tell-tale sign which, busted the lid of one of Goa’s worst kept narcotics trade secret — the police-politician-drug mafia nexus — it was…

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