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Wide Awake Gentile

Manmohan Singh the Indian PM is riddle wrapped in an enigma hidden in a mystery to many Indians He was the FM in the Narasimha Rao Government and later after the “sacrifice” by Rajiv Gandhi’s widow Sonia Gandhi has become for 10 odd years one of oddest and seemingly powerless PMs of Indian history The other Congress PMs have all been from the Nehru Gandhi family with the exception of  Sashtri (1 year) and  Narasimha Rao (5 years) He’s a Cambridge Man and got there on a scholarship

His Rothschild links and the Rothschild plans for India are clearly bought out in this interview given by Lady Lynne Rothschild wife of Lord Evelyn Rothschild

Before moving on to Manmoohan and his links with the Rothschilds heres a bit on LYNNE AND EVELYNE    ROTHSHCILD.When 67-year-old British banking scion Sir EVELYN ROTHSCHILD first set eyes on 44-year-old LYNN FORESTER(another crypto Jewess )…

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